Wednesday, August 16, 2017

SO much change in SO little time. 6/19/2017

For all who don't know yet, I have been transferred from Medford Second Ward to the Melrose Ward in Roseburg Oregon ❤️ I have also been released as a Sister Training Leader and my new companion's name is Sister McClellan! She is from Arizona and has been out 7 1/2 months! She is super cute. We share a ward with a set of elders that are pretty cool. I'm not used to sharing a ward anymore! We will go talk to people and or tract a street that the elders had just tracted last week. I even saw a guy this last week who I was his 3rd missionary that day! (We were on splits, which is where me and my companion go with different members to see people). We also had our last Zone Conference and interviews with President and Sister Russell this past week. They go home so soon! Also I wanted to wish all the Fathers in my life but especially my Father, my grandfathers and my Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for all that they do for me, for the examples they have been, and the priesthood power that they each hold. I love my dad SO much and I am so proud to be his daughter.

So update on my kids! Logan and Taylor were going to be baptized this past Saturday. That didn't happen :(  Last Sunday they were planning on coming up to Roseburg to see me, cause well they are like family to me. But Rebecca texted me the day before and said that Logan was having to get his appendix taken out!! That poor little boy! So he had surgery 2 saturdays ago. Because of the surgery he couldn't get the incision wet for about 2 weeks. Which meant they couldn't get baptized this last week. But no worries, they moved the date to July 1st (: so hopefully I will be able to go to that! And I will probably see them before that as well because it is officially summer here!

Also Amanda is doing great! I have been keeping in a lot of contact with her, she is scheduled to be baptized this weekend! (: I'm so excited for her! I was a little worried because on Friday she messaged me and told me that she was having to get a surgery as well this past Saturday. But she assured me that she was still going to be baptized as planned and that the surgery wouldn't slow her down! She is doing amazing. My last week in Medford we had a lot of lessons with her and she opened up and told us her whole life story. She is definitely one of my heroes, she has gone through SO much and has been strong through all of the tremendous amount of trials that have been put in her path. I am so excited for her to be baptized and to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. To be fully cleansed and sanctified. And for her to be confirmed a member of Christ's restored church on the earth. The gift of the Holy Ghost is going to help her so much through the rest of this life, I have been so privileged to be able to witness her conversion. Before I left she bore her testimony to me of the priesthood, the plan of salvation, and of the relationship she has with her savior. It was incredible. To see her countenance change over the past 2 months has been life changing. Saying see you later to her has definitely been one of the hardest I have had to say so far. I can not wait to see her this Saturday! I AM SO EXCITED 😍

Moving to Roseburg has been extremely difficult, humbling and has provided me with a lot of chances for me to grow as a missionary and as a person. I miss Medford a lot BUT I know that Heavenly Father knows so much more than I do. That He can see farther into the future and that He has a purpose for me to be here at this time for these specific people.

The past two weeks have been full of miracles, fun times and growth. We have been teaching an older woman who is absolutely amazing, Catherine. She is an ex-JW and is striving to come closer to her savior. She is one of the most Christlike people I know. She also is growing a ton of weed! Pictures to come!

We had Zone Conference this past Thursday with President and Sister Russell. It was incredibly spiritual. There was 6 zones there so about 140 missionaries! It was a nice reunion of people I have served with! It was also the last time that I would see a lot of missionaries! We made a video for the Russell's that we all watch and then we sang them the EFY medley that we sing to all the new missionaries when they come into the mission. It was so powerful as we all sang for the last time to them. There were a lot of tears. I am going to miss them a lot. President Russell has helped me through so many things, all of the many tears and laughs and guidance. Then on Friday we had our last interviews with Him as well. Because I go home so shortly after them they count my group as "their" missionaries. So I made them a scrapbook page and they gave me the things they give their departing missionaries. We talked about how to finish out strong and life after the mission. About marriage and all the things that I avoid thinking about! I definitely have been blessed to call him my mission President. Just like Helaman with his 2060 stripping worriers. They were his sons and Helaman was their father. President Russell has been like a father to me the past 16 months and I am so grateful for him!

We also had exchanges this week! First one in a long time where I wasn't the one in charge of it all! That was nice. But I was with Sister Peck who is adorable! We taught this lady named Ursula, she is an old German woman. It was such a good lesson. She told me that I don't look 21, but that I talk like I'm 28... I think that's a compliment? We talked about the priesthood and repentance. I absolutely love baring my testimony on those two topics. I have such a strong testimony of the priesthood power that is back on the earth today, I know that it is the same power that Christ gave his apostles while he was on the earth. And that repentance is real. Jesus Christ really did come to this earth and suffered in the garden, died on the cross and was resurrected on the 3rd day. Because he did this we can all be forgiven. No matter how far you feel like you have gone from your Heavenly Father and your Savior, they are always right at the door waiting for us to open. For Zone Conference we studied 5 parables and 5 miracles. One of my favorite miracles is when Christ is walking on the water in a distance from the boat and Peter asks if he can come to him. Peter gets out of the boat and is focused on Christ. He does what is impossible and walks towards Christ on the water. But then fear crept into his heart and he took his eyes off of the Savior, he looked around at the crazy storm going on around him. Because he did this he started to sink. Then instantly he called to his Lord to come save him and even though he was so far off to start with Christ was right there in an instant to help pick him up and take him back to the boat. Christ is ALWAYS right there to pick us up when we fall, when we take our focus off of him and start to sink, when we sin and step away from him. He is always there. And I am so thankful for my Savior, that he loves and cares about me so much. And he loves and cares about each of you as well. He went through each of our lives individually so that he would know how to succor his people. I love him and I am so privileged to have this opportunity to serve him for 18 months.

I hope you all have an incredible week. I want to invite each of you to ask yourself the question "how is my relationship with Christ? And how can I strengthen it?" I know that as you strive to strengthen your personal relationship with your Savior, you will feel his love so much stronger in your everyday lives and you will be blessed.

Love you all!
Sister Morgan ❤️

3 weeks. Blue cake. Men in skirts. A mountain of miracles. ❤️ 5/29/2017

SO much has happened in the past 3 weeks! It has really just been full of miracles. I am so blessed to be where I am right now with the people here. I'm awful at writing I know, but here's an update of my life (:

Monday evening..dun dun dun..was INCREDIBLE! So Sister Brown and I the previous day had a whole long conversation about how we recognize and listen and follow the promptings for the Holy Ghost because President gave it to us as a question that he would ask us during our interviews with him.

So 2 Mondays ago we were faced with these decisions. We were going to take part of an activity that would not have been the best use of our time, but felt the prompting of the Holy Ghost to do otherwise. I definitely felt it, but I didn't act out of my own fear of conflict. Little did I know that my companion had received the same prompting. She finally voiced and we decided not to take part in the activity. I then said, "I agree, I don't want to one day stand responsible if someone was supposed to hear the gospel right now at this time and I hindered them from hearing the gospel by not making the best use of my time." She laughed, but in all reality, I was dead serious. We immediately made a turn down the street contrary to the way we were going. Like clockwork, our phone rang. Angelica expressed to us over the phone that she had just won her court case and was filled with complete joy as if all her burdens had been lifted. I loved sitting on the other side of this phone called as she explained it because I too knew that feeling all too well. Those moments when finals are over, the scholarship came, you finally finished that huge research paper and pressed submit, etc. she then said, "I know it was because of your prayers for me." Angelica background: we had dropped her because her life became so stressful a couple weeks ago. Angelica then said, "Can we meet this Friday!" In between, bearing her testimony of how the Book of Mormon and prayer has brought her peace.


This was just a pin drop of the week 2 weeks ago.
We then had interviews with president the next day, but before, we had a specialized training. It was so powerful. Possibly one of the most powerful meetings I have attended as a missionary. It was just our little Zone and President and Sister Russell. The spirit was so strong. The room was filled with light. It touched every corner and every crevasse of the room. Following that Sister Brown and I were asked to role play sharing the Book of Mormon to President and Sister Russell as if they were investigating the church. This was kind of a scary deal haha. Of course I prayed for immense strength that I would do this as the spirit directed me and would know what to say. I had the opportunity to bare testimony to both of them and as I bore I relied on the feeling of the same confirmation I had gotten in the temple 8 months ago. As i bore testimony to President, I looked right at him and his eyes were filled with tears, which filled mine with tears! I love President Russell with my whole heart and I am so sad to see him leave.

As I actually sat down with President and we discussed how the spirit speaks to me, many profound words were shared and my love for our President grew even more. He truly is an inspired man and I'm still mind blown how he always knows what I need (the spirit).

When we ACT, we will always be fully obedient to the Lord, but in order to act, we must first learn how to listen.

Last week we had a lesson with Amanda. She was still very sick and we asked her if she would like priesthood blessing. She said yes! We called the Spanish Elders and they hurried over. Before they got there, we asked Amanda what she had been taught by missionaries in the past. She then told us about her friend who was a member of the church. She passed away a few years ago. We then started to bare testimony to her of the Plan of Salvation, specifically the spirit world. We all knew as she shared some tender experiences that her friend was watching over her. It also became evident that Us knocking on her door, as always, was not a coincidence. The Elders arrived and began to explain more about the priesthood power. It was very clear as we explained the power of priesthood blessings that they are dependent upon our faith. As the blessing began, I just kept thinking, The Lord is going to tell her that He sent us to her. It is going to be the Lord literally speaking to her! Within moments, the Elder told her that we were sent there to teach her. It was so miraculous! The whole blessing was so powerful and God's love for Amanda was extremely evident, which made us just love her that much more, something I had been praying for. As the blessing concluded, the Elders left, and Amanda expressed to us that it was the first time in a long time that she could take a deep breath without coughing. She said as they gave her the blessing she felt hot inside, but had chills at them same time. We chuckled knowing all too well the immense feelings that come from feeling the spirit. Truly the only time you can have hot flashes and chills at the same time. She kept motioning to her bosom. She was burning from within.

The spirit is a really nice friend and He pretty much helps us in every single minute detail of the work, my amazing companion was prompted by the spirit to ask, "Amanda if you came to know these things are true, would you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God?" All anxieties ceased when she replied with a relieving and reverent breath she said, "Yes, I would. Yes." We smiled from ear to ear as Amanda was taking this step to her Savior. I then asked her "do you know that the proper Priesthood authority is on the earth today?" And she said "Yes, yes I really do!" We then set a goal for a date. I honestly hadn't looked at a calendar and I  wasn't prepared to have this happen, so I searched my mind and heart and June 23 came to me and it just vomited out of my mouth, which ended up being 15 days away exactly from Amanda's birthday. June 23 Amanda will be baptized by someone who holds the priesthood authority of God!

Church was insane and so peaceful all at the same time. Probably one of the best on my mission. We had asked a member in our ward whose husband is a recent convert if she would walk over and pick up Amanda for church because they are neighbors. When we got to church she had forgotten so we grabbed her and we all walked over to pick her up. It was fantastic. Amanda came in her sweat pants and T-shirt. It just made me so happy. Literally come as you are. Then the Roushs came to church as well! (Back story coming) So I stayed with them and Sister Brown sat with Amanda and our member and their family. During second hour, we taught the gospel essentials class which we picked as Eternal Families for a Sister Roush (backstory below). Sister Roush started to cry as a member in our ward expressed their feelings of this past week of being sealed to their wife of 61 years who had passed away. It was so beautiful.

The Roush family! This is the best story ever known to man. One of the most incredible miracles I have seen. Backstory: the Central Point Zone Leaders for some reason had our mail for like 3 weeks..first off, they aren't our ZLs and second, how did they get our mail? The answer is the Lord! Wait for about two weeks ago the ZLs dropped this mail off at our apartment while we were having Comp Study. Almost immediately after they got there, they received a call saying that someone needed a blessing. We left our apartment after them and realized that their car was still at our apartment complex. Perplexed we texted them and asked why they were still there. They then said, "the coolest thing just happened! We will call you later and p tell you! Turns out, the family (the rouchs) that needed a blessing lived in our apartment complex! Their father was living on his last breath. They were able to lay their hands on his head and peacefully let his spirit leave and enter the spirit world. We then went over and got to know their family. They have been less active for years and now want to come back to church. We have been visiting them and have an incredible love for them! To see them at church was pure joy for us. We have been teaching the younger children who have not yet been baptized.

Last week we taught them about the Plan of Salvation with sidewalk chalk. It was so wonderful. They understood it so perfectly and it was very tender to feel of the peace in their hearts to know where their father was and that he was watching over them. They decided last night that they also want to be baptized as their father and mother are by the priesthood authority of God so they can live eternally and forever as a family. They will be baptized in June 17 (:

This week has been one of miracles and also so much work...I came in every night exhausted. Last night we had to sync our area books at the church before we went home and the week hit me like a ton of bricks. I couldn't stay standing. I ended up on the floor and couldn't move.

We had so many lessons this week. It was back to back. Until this weekend because everyone seemed to be out of town for Memorial Day, but I'm all reality it was a fantastic week.

As for the crazies of this week. Our Former investigator, Sarah, got evicted from her house this week and called us because she wanted help from the church. We let her into the church and she had 5 dogs! (Ok, we probably shouldn't have done this, but we thought, ya know, What would Jesus do?) our bishop is the transient bishop so we called him, but he wouldn't be able to get to us for two hours and we couldn't just leave her there, so we all gathered in a little room (meaning sister Brown and I, Sarah, and her five dogs) These weren't any normal dogs either. They were nasty. I almost had a OCD panic attack, but I stayed calmed. After getting Sarah food and water, we had her in a room for 2 hours, so what did we do? That's right. We taught her for 2 hours. She had a lot of questions and it wonderful to bring her comfort through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
*pets are gross*

Also, we OYMed this man one day named Lee. He's African American and he was wearing a skirt. (It was a super hot day and he said he could wear a skirt if he wanted to his friend who was making fun of him, he thought it was less hot and told us about how men used to always wear skirts hahaha) It was the MOST interesting OYM (Street contacting) of my WHOLE MISSION! We gave him a restoration pamphlet and he immediately started telling us how Jesus wasn't actually white and gave us some no existent bible references as to why Jesus is black. He said his hair was like sheep wool and patted his own hair. It was quite great. We had a great time with him. We bore testimony to him and he wants to meet with us again as we pray and seek for answers to his questions. We can do that. He's pretty awesome.

Our meeting with Amanda this week was fantastic and she came to church again! She is set and ready to be baptized! We had a beautiful conversation with us about the Atonement. It was incredible. She opened up to us about her life and experiences. It was heartbreaking, but absolutely wonderful to know that we have a Savior who has overcome all! The spirit was strong and powerful. There is an incredible gift that comes with being a missionary. We truly come to know the heart of so many people. They tell us their life stories and we get to know their deepest feelings. I believe only religion and our Savior can provide such tender feelings and open hearts.

We also met with our favorite family twice this week! Once for family home evening and then they fed us dinner and we watched the Restoration movie with them. The Roush family holds such a special place in my heart. Max is hilarious. He's 4. But he's a brick. At dinner we hadn't said the prayer yet, but he put the orange in his mouth and said I'm not going to chew it until after the prayer and showed us all! And then he all had blue mouths because we ate blue cake with blue frosting. They are wonderful and they are like my family away from home.

This week, I also had some great conversations with Heavenly Father on my knees. They were very much directed towards my Savior. The spirit prompted me that I know my Savior, but that I need to KNOW Him, as if He were standing right next to me. I decided this week that for the rest of my mission I am going to start a personal, deep, intricate study of the Atonement of my Savior Jesus Christ. The Atonement is so complex, but I want to understand it more. I crave it. It will take a lifetime of Study, so I better get started. I encourage you all to do the same. We can never know our Savior too much. He is the Center of this Plan! He is the reason for all! Because of Him, we are alive, we are filled with joy, we are who we are. Because of Him..who are you? What does life mean to you? What can you do? How do you feel?

I love my Savior.

The past couple weeks have been incredible and the Lord is very good to us and to all His children. My heart swells knowing how aware our Heavenly Father and Savior are of all of us. They are so aware.

Love you all! 

Sister Morgan ❤

A week to remember! 5/8/2017

We had MLC (mission leadership conference) this week which was very uplifting and also quite exciting because I got to see Sister Johnson, Sister Leavitt and Sister Payne again.😊 literally, I didn't realize how much I missed them. Sister Johnson goes home in a few weeks. I can't believe how fast time is going. She is such an awesome missionary. Truly a day of friendships and joy.

1 And now it came to pass that as Alma was journeying from the land of Gideon southward, away to the land of Manti, behold, to his astonishment, he met with the sons of Mosiah journeying towards the land of Zarahemla.
2 Now these sons of Mosiah were with Alma at the time the angel first appeared unto him; therefore Alma did rejoice exceedingly to see his brethren; and what added more to his joy, they were still his brethren in the Lord; yea, and they had waxed strong in the knowledge of the truth; for they were men of a sound understanding and they had searched the scriptures diligently, that they might know the word of God.
-Alma 17:1-2

This week we met with Ostynn. It was super awesome. He has been sick so he hasn't been able to meet with us. So we said, "can we watch a movie?" He agreed to that.(: so we set up The Restoration video and we made my homemade popcorn (a valuable skill I have learned and mastered on my mission; butter is the secret (; ) and we all watched it. The spirit was so strong! Ostynn went on to tell us that this movie made him want to finish reading the Book of Mormon. He then continued saying, "I'm 3/4s of the way done!" We were so excited!

The Restoration Video is incredible and every time I watch it on my mission, the spirit testifies to me more that Joesph Smith truly was called as a Prophet of God and that this is Jesus Christ's restored Gospel upon the Earth. It would not have been able to prevail through so much so purely if it was not true. This is not Joseph's church. The death of Joesph did not stop the church from progressing and growing because it truly is the Church of Jesus Christ. I feel blessed to be Christ's servant in this great work!

We also met with Joanna this week. Little did we know that her mother was Anti and would commence in persecuting us and speaking all lies against us. We sat there and we bore the pain and we bore the suffering, but we knew with all our heart that we were representatives of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I just prayed the whole time for strength. I think she sensed our strength and tried to diminish us more. The whole reality is she sensed our light and she wanted to literally destroy it or maybe she wanted part of it, but didn't know how to receive it. My heart honestly broke a little for her as she told us that it was not Jesus Christ that heals us, it was the knowledge of men. She kept repeating "Jesus Christ can't heal us." I was grateful to stand with the Savior in that moment and witness of Him and truly his healing power. All we could do was testify and that was all we did. I think we have to all walk those moments to truly be coupled with eternal glory. It was definitely an experience on my mission that I can say that I have walked shoulder to shoulder with Jesus Christ and that he was right there cheering me on. It was hard, but definitely a testimony builder.

In Relief Society we had testimony meeting from our favorite songs. We shared why it was our favorite and then sang our favorite verse! It was so incredibly spiritual (: I'm definitely doing that in the future.

Last night, we almost had a second basher, but he ended up being less confrontational and we ACTUALLY taught him a little bit. He asked us what our passions were and why we came on missions. He said "weren't you forced to come?" We laughed. We said, "no, this was completely our choice. We wouldn't come if we didn't have the desire." I told him, "I am that passionate about this! And that I do it because I LOVE Jesus Christ." It was great. He then asked us if we were happy doing this. My heart and soul just filled as I testified to him that I have a secure and always happiness that feels my heart. I testified that part of God's plan is that we are going to have rough and tough days, but innately in my soul, I am happy. I am happy because I have a sure confidence of life beyond this that is intertwined with eternal joy!" Now, even more so, I would add, I am happy because I have a Savior who loves me, heals me, rejoices with me, mourns with me, and knows me personally.
He is consistently waiting to succor me.
He certainly couldn't argue with that and responded with, "wow." And that was that. He then took a pamphlet and our card and we left. (After he hugged us... 😳)

The Lord is with us. No matter how hard or dark times get. He always is our light. He will make all things fair. He will fight for us, if we fight with Him. He will aid us. He will succor us.

Then today we got to go to President Cropper's house! He is in the mission presidency. And got to hold his chickens and we had a devotional all about the atonement and the Saviors last 2 days and holy spiritual 😍 I learned so much!

Love you all so much!
Sister Katie Morgan 😊

Here's some pictures!
1. Were cute!
2. Sister Johnson is my fav 😊
3. Service!
4. We dropped her...
5. Service!
6. President Croppers!
7. Chickens
8. More chickens
9. COLTON GOT BAPTIZED!!! I love that kid oh so much. I was so excited to skype them on his special day! 

Medford 😍 4/24/2017

So for everyone who doesn't know we had transfers last week!! Sister Viiga left and I got Sister Brown who just came from Coquille 😍 I love that place!

I love Sister Brown. She is one of the most amazing missionaries I have ever met! She keeps me really motivated and just has such a great attitude about everything! We get along really well which is really nice (: I hope we get to stay together for another transfer, that would be awesome! 

Also, we found 11 new people to teach this week.

Admist  the many miracles this week, one sticks out prominently to me. For some reason, I was kinda feeling low. The adversary was working and I was having very selfish feelings, not something I necessarily want to admit or am proud of, but it happens! Anywho as I was thinking ever so negatively, the prompting came to my mind. "Forget yourself and go to work." My mind immediately reverted back into missionary mode and  I told Satan, "not today." So we decided to go to the invinko apartments. Anyway, this is how it felt in my mind and we said, "let's go to work." We knocked on a few apartments to accept multiple no's and see you laters, but we kept going. Eventually, Gina answered her door. She hurry and shut it as soon as she saw us, making us assume that she had an utter disgust for Mormons and wouldn't even give us the time of day, but for some reason (the spirit) we just kept standing there, so awkwardly on her doorstop if that was the case, but we just stayed. To our wonderful surprise she reopened the door! We explained who we were and our purpose. We asked if we could share a video about Christ with her. We shared the Easter Initiative with her.( if you haven't see it, go watch it now! It's incredible) she agreed! I can't explain the feeling of the spirit as we stood there on the doorstep. A feeling of love came into my heart for Gina. She wasn't just another box to check off. She was a real person! Obviously, but I felt it more. I felt a sincere love for her, a sincere love to bring her to Jesus Christ. When the video ended, she told us that she has been looking for a church! She had some experiences in her life that were very tender and led us into talking about Gods wonderful plan for us. She invited us back to tell her more. My heart was whole and happy.

We went to a Ward Party this week to get a little dinner and ride the
trains.(; but honestly the coolest experience of my life. We were on
the train and my companion being as amazing as she is started talking to this lady Mary, a woman who worked there. She just had such a good conversation with her, When we got off the train we continued to talk with her. We asked if we could meet with her again, but she was a little hesitant. We might just have to go back to the train station. (: it was really weird to be the older companion and just letting her take over the conversation after and letting her learn, it was way cool. I was so proud of her for doing that, especially at dinner!

Oh so yesterday my eye was real bugging me so I wore my glasses for probably the 2nd time on my mission! But luckily we have an eye doctor in our ward so he checked it out and gave me some eye drops which got rid of the problem! We also got to sit in a really nice massage chair at their house(:

Also, as a Sister Training Leader, We have the wonderful opportunity to speak at/lead out/ and form meetings. With the Zone Leaders we had a correlation to decide how we could start this transfer off right. We ended up having a special meeting and sister Brown and I got to get everyone pumped and talk about goal setting (which Sister Brown has such a great love and testimony of!) so we thought that would be a good idea for us to talk about with the zone. It was so amazing Haha I can't explain speaking with the spirit. And for her first time being an STL and leading the zone in a discussion Sister Brown did awesome! At the end, I thought, "This is what we have all needed lately" I have a firm testimony that when the Lord calls you, if you have diligence and faith, he will not let you fail. He will prepare a way. He will magnify you. And we can't do it without him. The whole purpose of our meeting was "why are you here, why do you do what you do?" The only answer truly is because we love our Savior so much and we have felt of his love too much in our lives not to bring his love to others. My soul burns as I think about my love for my savior. 

I love the Lord so much.
I love you all so much.
I love Medford.

Hope you all have a great week! Love and miss you! ❤
Sister Morgan

Only 4 1/2 months left! 🙃😝 4/10/2017

Hello again! So I skipped last weeks email so I have decided to enlighten everyone on how the wonderful city of Medford Oregon is doing. First I just want everyone to know how much I just LOVE it here. It's incredible, beautiful and Heavenly Father has been preparing this area for me. Just like how Heavenly Father prepares people to receive the gospel in their lives, he has been preparing me to come here. I have grown SO much as a missionary and as a person since I have been here. It is crazy and disgusting to think about how I only have 3 transfers left.. (after I finish this transfer, which ends next week!) I have very strong mixed feelings about that. I truly have loved my mission so far and definitely plan on making the most of these last 4 1/2 months! 

So the last two weeks have been hectic and powerful. Not last Tuesday but the Tuesday before that we had a lesson with our 9 year old investigator Dylon, she is adorable. We talked about Prophets and their importance! They are SUPER important if y'all didn't know that already (; then we went over to our recent convert, Marleen's house and had a movie night! We had pizza and yummy snacks to watch the Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration movie 🎥 holy camolie that movie makes me cry every time. It's truly incredible and over my mission especially I have gained such a strong testimony and appreciation for the prophet Joseph Smith. (Side note: I also watched the Joseph Smith papers on the first vision and the martyrdom in the past couple days. I just keep learning so much every time!) so yeah Marleen really enjoyed the movie and bore her testimony of Joseph Smith to us 😍 it was awesome. Then her and her husband always take such good care of us and sent us home with SO much snacks and food and protein shake stuff, they are the best. Then that Wednesday we did service at the pear farm and then we went to help another recent converts house to help her move from one apartment to another within like 100 ft. of the front door. That was fun! She actually isn't in our ward to begin with but President has asked us to teach her the new member lessons so I'm totally fine with that (: then that Thursday we had interviews with President Russell!! I think he's the best! We talked about how Heavenly Father wants us to talk to everyone and shared some real good scriptures with me. It was really good! He always answers my questions about the gospel and helps everything to make perfect sense to me. No matter how many times I can hear something or how many times I say something, when he teaches the same principles it all just clicks! After interviews we had a lesson with John! He is doing so good. We talked about why we are obedient to gods commandments. About how if we love him then we do what he asks! Then we talked about the Word of Wisdom, he is great. He's has some things to overcome but he is definitely keeping the eternal perspective in the front of his mind. The temple is in his sight! Friday we went on exchanges with the Spanish sisters, so I got to be with Sister Duennes 😊 I'm slowly but surly learning Spanish! Sometimes I have her just speak to me in Spanish cause I just love it so much. But it was a really good exchange! We met a lot of people and had a real good talk. We went to dinner with the Spanish branch president and his family, they are adorable. Haha so their little 5 year old girl asked me if I could be her mom.. and I told her that would be kinda hard cause I live far away and she told me I had to move back and be her mom. It was slightly awkward but I guess there was this movie a while ago when her mom was growing up that you could go to the store and bye/trade your mom. So the mom just laughs and tells her to go to the store to find a new mom. But the little girl was adorable, she wouldn't speak Spanish to the elders because she could speak in English to me so we all convinced her that I just couldn't speak English anymore. That I only knew Spanish. She didn't believe us but with the little Spanish I do know we totally convinced her. It was great! Then she spoke in Spanish to everyone. 

Last weekend was General Conference 😍😍 let me just say that I have never gotten so much out of any General Conference before. It was like every single talk was speaking to me and I just loved every single minute of it! I especially liked both of President Monsons talks, Elder Hollands, Elder Coasta, Elder Bragg, and Elder Eryings from the priesthood session! I mean there are so many more that I liked but you all should go back and listen to those again because wow❤️ we backed fresh homemade cinnamon rolls and homemade bread for the whole Zone which was REAL good. We also delivered cinnamon roll to investigators and members houses during the breaks. John and our other investigator Ostynn (it's Austin just spelt weird) both listened to conference while they were working which was SO cool. They are both so prepared to receive the gospel. But I think the best part of conference for me was the Sunday afternoon session. That was really special because I knew that my parents were there watching it in person, the Mormon Tabernacle was singing, and it was all about missionary work! 😍 I just felt the spirit so strongly during the whole thing. It's weird to say that that was my last conference on the mission but I loved every second of it!

Then last Monday our whole zone went to Ashland Oregon! We went to Lithia park and played volleyball and tennis 🎾 it was probably one of the best p-days I have had on the mission! I definitely kicked everyone's trash in tennis but that was expected 😉 lol and there wasn't a cloud in the sky! So that was rare. But it really was gorgeous! It reminds me a lot of Manitou Springs! They even have nasty water which of course we made everyone drink. Let me tell y'all, it was disgusting.. like the water in Manitou is gross but imagine a very old nasty rotten egg liquidized into water and that's what it tasted like!! I'll send a video of me drinking it! 

On Tuesday we had MLC up in Eugene! (: the only down side to that now is that I'm 3 hours away from Eugene.. and they wanted us up there early to OYM (open your mouth) on the U of O campus! So we had to leave around 6:00 in the morning.. so we got up at like 4:00 which was rough. But MLC was amazing!! For those who don't know what MLC is it's missionary leadership counsel. Basically we get taught 5-6 hours of material and then take it back and teach it to our zone in 3 hours. I kinda feel bad for the zone sometimes cause they don't get all of the stuff we learn, but we try to teach as much as we can, lead by the spirit of course! But we learned about the importance of studying and marking our scriptures and how to better teach with the scriptures! President Russell showed us how some examples of how to study the scriptures and oh my 😍 I have SO much that I want to do, but I can't do it all at once so I'm going to be mixing it up a lot. Right now I am reading the Book of Mormon, D&C, and Jesus the Christ (on and off) oh and I'm also rereading preach my gospel and truly diving into that. So my studies definitely get intense! Yeah so MLC was nice I got to see Sister Johnson and Sister Leavitt (: I miss both of them a lot! Other downside is that we didn't get home till past 7 and then we had to eat dinner still and correlate with the zone leaders so I was definitely VERY tired and my medicine had worn off around 7-8 which made things.. interesting. 

Wednesday we did service and after we got a call from our investigator John. He wanted to cancel his lesson this week because his mother in law (the lady that was a member who we would have his lessons in her home with her) had unexpectedly died that morning :( this is the second death in 3 months for that family, johns wife passed away 3 months ago. It was really sad. I definitely loved Sister Chaney a lot and she was one of the people I was closest to here. It still doesn't seem real. Her funeral is this Saturday. Then we had a lesson with Stanya, it went good but we decided that right now she needs a break to think about everything and re-evaluate what she wants. Then we had a lesson with a 9 year old recent convert, she showed her popcorn bopping, it was great! Thursday we basically planed a whole lot for ZTM and weekly planning. 

Friday we had ZTM! Which was really good! We made homemade bread again, I'm getting real good at it (: we had a meeting before it started about family history work and how we can involve it as much as possible with our daily missionary work. It was really good! Then both of our section were really good.. I think! Haha it was pretty good overall, the zone leaders went a little over so it was kinda long but that's okay! After we went and all ate sushi!! And I actually liked it, kinda.. (: it was a good experience, I think I just need to try more sushi to officially decide if I like it or not. But it was really fun to be with the zone! After that we had a lesson with the recent convert in the other ward, Mercedes (: she is so awesome, it was a good lesson! We talked about patriarchal blessings and the commandments and obedience! It was really good, she is meeting with there bishop this next week to get hers! I am so excited for her! She just got a calling in relief society and she is gonna do great! After that we dropped dinner off at the chaneys house and then went finding! We tracked into a girl named Krinten! She is super cute, she has a 2 year old daughter. She invited us in cause it was cold out. She met with missionaries kinda when she was living in Klamath. But we basically taught her the whole Restoration lesson and gave her a Book of Mormon! She was really  read it so we are going back this next Friday!

On Saturday we had a lesson with Dylon which went really well! Then we went finding and met a girl named Emma. She is amazing! She told us her whole life story, she is crazy strong and has such a strong testimony of Jesus Christ. We showed her the prince of peace video and she basically just bore her testimony of how Christ has brought her peace in her life, she invited us to come back this Wednesday!(: 

And yesterday we had church of course!(: it was SO good. Sacrament was about General Conference and what people learned and then we taught Sunday school about work and personal responsibilities and relief society was about the Holy Ghost! Our investigator Dee and her son Felipe came to church so that was really exciting! 

Well that's what's been going on in my life the past couple weeks! Sorry it's so long, but I felt like I should write a good email this week cause it's transfers next week! Crazy how time flies by! I love you all and miss you! Thank you for all the prayers you send my way, I truly appreciate all of them! Have a great week!❤

Love you're favorite Sister Missionary,
Sister Morgan 😊

Medford is da bomb 😍 3/20/2017

So I got transferred to Medford 2nd ward! I have officially left the Willamette valley!! Monday Sister Figueroa died!! She is now home. After pday we went finding and we found this pretty cool guy named Dave! He has a real cute wife and kids so that was fun! Then we unpacked and did first night of the transfer! I just love my companion so much, she is amazing! 

Tuesday we had service which was super boring then we had 3 lessons! Oh WE ARE RIDING BIKES 3 DAYS OF THE WEEK!! Man it's kicking my bum. Oh we also worked out with our Relief Society president and some of the woman in our ward. They go hard so that's nice. We had a lesson with a 9 yr. old girl named Dylon, she is so cute. We taught her about the 10 commandments with the hand signs, then we had a lesson with another 10 yr. old girl named Kaden who is very ADD. I just love teaching kids so much, they are amazing. Then we taught Lua and Lena they are both from Samoa! It's awesome, they don't know English too well but they want us to come by a lot. They are seventh day Adventist but they don't believe in ch at all. So that's interesting! But then we had a big Zone meeting on how we all want to work hard. It was like a pump up meeting, so good. 

Wednesday we worked out again and rode bikes soo that was still kicking me in the bum. We went finding and found a girl named Rachel who is really sweet, and has great tattoos! We had dinner with some members who have a daughter named McKena! So that's cool, they also know the Smiths from canon city! Such a small world!

Thursday we worked out again I think we did kick boxing and biked again. So now I know what elders feel like haha that's great. We had a lesson with John and holy cow! He is awesome. His wife died a little while ago and she was a member. He has a 2 yr old named Mia who is ADORABLE. We taught the restoration and the spirit was so strong. He picked May 28th to be baptized!(: he wants to be sealed to his wife and daughter. He is a truck driver so he listens to the Book of Mormon when he is driving! Then we had weekly planning. Oh so that night we were waiting for the sisters to pick us up so that we could get the car back and so we were throwing out the trash and we accidentally threw the keys in the dumpster and all we had for light was our phone. That was rough but we found them! And then my companion is awesome and OYMed this guy who is Muslim but he wanted a Book of Mormon and now he's reading it! 

Friday we had district meeting which was good, we went finding in the 6th ward after and had a lesson with a recent convert named Mercedes! She has such a strong testimony it's incredible! That was a real good lesson (: she got baptized a couple weeks ago. Then we went and talked to this guy who is from COLORADO!(: he wants to meet with the missionaries, his boss is a bishop and he is really interested! He is taking real estate tests right now but we showed him the new Easter initiative! And OH MY ITS SO GOOD! #PrinceofPeace is incredible. We did a Zone be able to find new people who are prepared for baptism which was cool to be fasting while going to the temple.

Saturday we went to the temple! 😍I just love the temple so much. It was gorgeous and wonderful and it was really nice to only drive 10 mins there! I'm so grateful for the blessings that come from the temple! We went teaching after that and I met some more recent concerts and investigators! Everyone here reminds me of someone at home it's weird. We went to Olive Garden 😍 BEST DAY EVER.

Sunday we went to an earlier ward with John before he had work! Then we went to our church and a lady had heart attack in sacrament meeting which was pretty scary and weird. We also had 2 people just randomly show up to church and they want to be taught so that's awesome. We had a lesson with some recent converts son, which was interesting.. but he wants us to come back! Then we met the Millets who are awesome.  They own a vitamin shop and give us a lot of stuff 🙂 which is really helpful for all the working out I'm doing! 

So yeah that's my week! It was pretty great! We worked hard and saw A LOT of miracles which elder bunker would say are results from us riding bikes everywhere.. haha but I'm just grateful to be here, I love it a lot. Hope you all have a great week!

Sister Morgan ❤

P.s. I totally ran into a trash can with the bike and real hurt my fingers so here's some pictures!(: