Thursday, July 14, 2016

Santa Clara 🎅

Things are going really well for me! So I got transferred to Santa Clara 3rd ward which is in Eugene! I LOVE my companion! Sister Leavitt and I came out together in the MTC which is super fun(: I really like the area (something crazy: my bishop was roommates with uncle Joe in college!) just found that out last night! Oh and their are a lot of people in this ward that are related to people in Creswell which is awesome(: We share a ward with the Assistants to the President which is interesting! We don't see them very often but they are awesome missionaries and do a lot for our mission that no one sees!

We had a really good week for the most part! On Monday till Wednesday I was REALLY sick. And we found out that I actually get really bad migraines, that make me throw up a lot so that sucks! So we went out some on Tuesday but I almost threw up at someone's house so we went home!  We haven't had a ton of time to go finding cause we have had so many lessons this week and we did service for the Olympic trials in Eugene which was SUPER fun(: we got a lot of free stuff from Nike which is always nice! We did that from 9-5 on Wednesday and SaturdayWe were the security check people. It was exhausting yet so great because it was 3 different zones doing it, so we got to see a lot of missionaries! We have 3 zones in the Eugene area and our mission calls
it the trinity so I'm already 2/3 for serving in them which is fun! On Thursday and Friday we had a lot of lessons and we actually just put 3 people on date! They are all 13 and younger but they are adorable and all their parents are less actives coming back to church. There are 2 brothers and a different little girl. They are all so cute and fun, I am so excited for them and their families! I know that families can be together forever. I am so grateful for mine and for all they do for me! This next week we are going to a Nashville Tribute concert in Creswell(: I'm SO excited! I get to see all of my old ward members and listen to music and see lots of missionaries it's gonna be great! Well
I hope you all have a great Week! I love and miss you all!

Sister Morgan 😊
Here's some pictures!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Goodbye Coquille 👋

So we had elders and sisters in our ward and everyone thought that the only person leaving was sister Rasmussen but it turns out that she is the only one staying! They took elders completely out of the ward and she will be training a new missionary. I am going back up to the Eugene area, I won't be in the same zone as before but it's still right in Eugene. It's Santa Clara. So I'm gonna be in Santa Clara 3rd ward and my new companion is Sister Leavitt which I'm SUPER excited about! She was one of the sisters that came out with me. Probably my favorite sister that came out with me(: she is freaking adorable! So I'll be with her and we share a ward with the APs! So it should be interesting but really good! This past week has been really good yet really rough. I have been so anxious and stressed about transfers it's ridiculous. So we walked a ton because we didn't have miles on our car, which was good! It was super hot but I survived...barely!

So Tuesday we had service at the food pantry which is always fun! Then we walked around town and found some new investigators! One is our next door neighbor, she is super cute and her family is great! Then we went to this little town called fair view. It was pretty! But nothing happened. Then on Wednesday all our lessons cancelled and so we went and saw some Less actives which was good! We had dinner with the 
Davis's they are so awesome! It's this cute little old couple it was just great! Then Thursday we did weekly planning and then walked to dinner and then walked around a lot. I learned a very important lesson that day. So during weekly planning I was eating a lot of starbursts, so pretty much all day I only ate starbursts. Then at dinner we had this oriental salad stuff that was roman noodles and stuff on top of it. But the salad dressing a a vinegaret thing that was pretty much straight vinegar. Then my lovely compeniero dared me to drink a spoonful of it so of course I did. And then I ate a bowl of rocky road ice cream. Then we walked around and let me tell you, my tummy was NOT very happy with me. I felt like I was gonna throw up and it was an awful pain in my tummy like the vinegar was burning a hole in my stomach. So we then went to a members house cause I couldn't walk very well lol and they took us home! So lesson that I learned was DO NOT mix starbursts and vinegar in your tummy, it will not be happy with you!

So Friday we had district meeting in Bandon which is on the beach and it was pretty good! Our district went to the beach after to get a picture together and hang out! It was really nice, I didn't realize that it was the last time that I was going to be at the beach for a while but it was good! I'll send you a picture! I'm seriously so short compared to everyone else! Then our service got cancelled so we went contacting people and took a lot of pictures(: then we got something
for our investigator Nancy cause it was her birthday! So we dropped it off at her house cause she wasn't home! Then we had dinner and then a lesson with Sharon! It ended up being more of talking about like and checking up on her cause we knew we were getting transfer calls that
night so we might have been nervous. But she was so excited she wanted up to get the call while we were with her, and we did! She was on the call with us when president told us the news!

Then on Saturday we packed and cleaned a lot! But that morning we had breakfast with Nancy and oh she is hilarious. She told us about her old job as a security officer and she has some funny super inappropriate stories! Then we cleaned and packed and talked. Sister rass broke down she is super nervous to take over the whole area by herself, she has always had elders in her ward. Then we had dinner at the church with the elders and some members which was good and we had ward correlation with our WML. Then sister rass got a blessing cause she was freaking out. But she is all good now! Then Sunday we had church and had a lesson with Rae, who is on date for July 22nd, during Sunday school which went really good! Then after church we went to see people so that I could say bye! We went to the bishops house, the Nugens who are recent converts, the Davis's, and to a sister in our ward that we have dinner with every Monday and she does our laundry. Then we went to Sharon's house and had another lesson with her and so that I could say bye! She is so cute! Then we went over to the churches house for dinner! (They are a family in our ward) they are so awesome I'm going to miss them a lot! After that we went over and 
sister rass cleaned the elders kitchen because it was truly disgusting. It smelt nasty and they don't know how to clean. It was gross. 
But now I am back here in Eugene and with sister Leavitt so I'm super excited about this transfer! It should be amazing! I love you all so much!

Sister Morgan