Saturday, June 25, 2016

The past 2 weeks 😊

So my past 2 weeks was good! We had interviews with president which
were really good! He answers a lot of my questions and really helps me
learn and grow!I am just going to give you a brief overview of all our
investigators right now and then if anything exciting happened.
Sharon: Sharon is doing awesome, last week we taught her about the
word of wisdom, temples, and law of chastity all in one lesson and it
went so good. She has no problem with the he law of chastity, she had
some questions about same sex marriage but other then that she said
she is good to go (she doesn't have a problem with that she just has
friends that are) and then temples she had a question about temple
recommends, and then we talked about the word of wisdom again. And she
talked about not having coffee, and she is so cool she goes: okay well
I only have coffee once time during the day and it's in the morning
with my toast for breakfast, but I think I can replace it with herbal
tea. And then we asked her if she trusd us and she said yes of course,
and so we asked her if we could take all her coffee and her bad tea
out of the house and she looked at us and said yes, and she even said
she would give someone else her coffee grinder thing. She is
awesome!!! And so prepared, holy cow. She is leaving to go to her
other house that is near tillamook but then she will be back. We have
her on date to be baptized in July 2nd, so hopefully she will be able
to make it. Right now I think that she will probably have to move it,
but hopefully not. Anyways, Sharon is doing awesome!!  We love her and
she loves learning, we got her a hymn book and she is learning how to
play some of the songs in there and we go over there sing with her,
which is awesome. She loves it when we go over and sing with her. She
is so cute. So Sharon is doing awesome!! Keep her in your prayers for
Rae: Rae hasnt been to church for a while and so it's been really hard
to meet with her because her and her mom both don't get back with us
on we just kind of have to wait until we go out to their
house which is the farthest point in Myrtle point 9 miles away or we
have to wait tel, they come to church. So that's kind of hard.
We have dropped a lot of people so we haven't had a ton of lessons lately.
The nugens are doing super awesome, in fact they went and got their
patriarch blessing yesterday which is so exciting. Brother Nugen had a
lot of doubts and things he is trying to work on, but he notices that,
he understands that he doesn't know everything. But he wants to,
anyways it's awesome. You can just see the desire of trying to do
what's right and their is a struggle but their is a sincere desire to
change, which is awesome!! And they are so good to us, they always ask
us if their is anything that they can do for us, sister nugen recently
sewed some of my clothes back together, they are just awesome!
We also found a couple of new investigators this week:
Amanda: Amanda was sick when we first met her but she said that she
works graveyard and so the best time to reach her would be during the
week, and during the day. She has a Book of Mormon and so we briefly
went over the Book of Mormon and the introduction would help her as
she would read it to understand what the Book of Mormon was about. And
she agreed to read it, we set up an appointment with her but it didn't
work out so we will have to try and contact her later.
Courtney is the other new: We knocked on her door and the we asked her
if she was Courtney and she said yes and they we asked her if there
was a time that we could come back. And she said yes she was just
super busy and she didn't have a phone because her son had slobbered
all over it and she was busy because she was always babysitting for
money. But she seems awesome, this lesson also didn't end up working
out, but hopefully we will be able to get in contact with her soon.
Hopefully our lessons stop failing to go through, cause that's always
really hard when we aren't teaching very much.
We had a lesson with Robin a recent convert. When we went over their
sister Robinson took us and her driving is crazy, and does not do good
things to my tummy and so we got their to robins and her house smelled
terrible. I was struggling, but we went by and I am pretty sure she
was drunk and Troy, her brother. Which is sad, she is a recent convert
and she is trying to move so hopefully she can move out to Myrtle
point which would be so much better off. But we will see how that
We had another lesson with Joann, we talked about the rest of the
restoration and the hold up with Joann is that she is living with a
guy. And so that's makes things super hard. But she needs to be
baptized, she knows the restoration by heart because she has been
taught it so many times. We asked her if she would be baptized and she
said that she would like to go over the questions again to make sure
she is ready. We don't know when she will get baptized, but we do know
she will.
Then on Monday instead of having p day, we had tracting and finding
all day and we did find a new investigator. Her name is Myah she is a
little younger but I guess her sister went to girls camp or something
and so maybe that will bring good feelings up with the parents, I
don't know but hopefully it goes well.
Then in Tuesday we had a lesson with Verna. She is great, for how much
pain she is always in she is always so sweet and kind. We talked to
Verna about following the prophet, we showed her the video of
president Monson when he wiggles his ears and she got a good laugh out
of that. She said she understood everything and she would watch
general conference that we will give her on Sunday, she said she has
never seen in before. So we are excited to show it to her. She is
So this week was okay for teaching lessons, we are just really trying
to build up the area!!! It's hard because people do know us and so
it's hard for us to go tracting, especially in Coquille. But that's
how main focus right now.
The only other really exciting things we did where: 1. We went and did
service at the food bank, I love talking with all those people there,
and they do it down the street from our apartment so it's easy to get
to, and hopefully the people see us working there and realize oh yeah
the Mormon missionaries ain't so bad!! :) that's the hope anyways. 2.
We had gay 90's, they have their parade. It was really good, they
didn't really have any businesses In the parade so that was good. We
sat by some members and it was funny because people would come up to
us as if they where going to give us something and then they would
read our tag and skip right over us. It was really funny to watch.
Hahaha. Then they had a bunch of food vendors and then we got free
cotton candy from the Marchants in our ward, and then we walked around
and talked to a couple different people. There was two guys that where
kind of creepy so we just decided to leave and go finding. By the
afternoon a lot of the gay 90's stuff had left because it was so hot,
but it was cool. I would go back, maybe not as a missionary because I
could do more and people wouldn't dislike me as much but it was fun!
3. Me and sister Rasmussen  had a dance party in our apartment the
other night, with ourselves. It was pretty interesting. 😊
The temple was Amazing!! It's a really small temple but it was just so
nice to go! I've missed it a lot! It was such a long day! It took
almost 3 hours to get there and back. So it was nice to go! Then we
found 5 new investigators this past week! So that was amazing! We will
see how these people are and it's just exciting!  So that's pretty
much my weeks kinda a lot sorry!
I know that this church is true and that prayers are ALWAYS answered!
I am so grateful for the gospel and the peace and joy it brings to me
and the people that I am teaching!

I love and miss you all!
Sister Morgan 😊

Coquille part 2 😍

So this week was a whole bunch of crazy! First it's weird telling
people that this is my second area, cause well it doesn't feel like I
have been out very long at all! But what's really great is that
Coquille high school and Creswell high school are HUGE rivals. So
that's always an interesting conversation at the dinner table!

So we had what like 6 lessons cancel on us with our investigators, but
we had 8 other lessons, 2 Recent convert lessons and we found 3 new
investigators!!😊 it was a hard yet very great week!

So on Tuesday we had a lesson with the Nugens (recent converts) they
are so cute! We talked about patriarchal blessings and how they are
our own personal liahonas! And how they help direct and guide us
throughout our lives. It was such an amazing lesson and they are so
great! They are meeting with bishop now to get there blessings! And
what's crazy is that normally they are really hard to schedule a
lesson with and today at church Sister Nugen comes up to me and asked
me if Tuesday night would work for us and that they really want to
have another lesson, so that's really exciting!!

On Wednesday we had 3 lessons cancel on us which wasn't fun, but then
I didn't feel very well at all! And once we got back to the church to
refill our water bottles I was in the bathroom throwing up. Let me
just tell you, being on your mission and getting sick SUCKS! I
honestly just wanted my mom to come cuddle with me and watch Netflix.
It was awful, so we stayed in for the rest of the day ☹️ but it was a
good opportunity for me and Sister Rasmussen to get to know each other
better and to bond! I also got a blessing from the elders to help me
feel better, which of course it did! I just seriously love blessings,
they help me in more ways than one can imagine. They are just the best
things ever.

Thursday wasn't very eventful.. We went to one of our outliers in our
ward called powers. It's about 45 mins away, and where it is placed is
super gorgeous! The town by itself not so much.. We were there for a
couple hours and nothing. So that stunk. But then we had dinner at our
bishops house, the Elmers! Which was really great! Our bishops family
is awesome! We played this soccer game thing with a work out ball 😬
my team totally won 😊 and I showed one of their daughters, who is a
senior this year, how to study her scriptures more diligently and to
help her understand what is actually going on.

Friday we had our district meeting, which was good! Then sister Elmer
drove us up to Coos Bay for an exchange with the STLs. So I went up
there and one of the sisters came down here. It was weird, I don't
really like exchanges to begin with but on my first week in an area
idk it was just weird! But I did get to go to the beach finally!! 😍😍
I went to sunset beach, because members in Creswell told me that was
the one to go to! It was so gorgeous!! The water was freezing.. But it
felt so nice having my feet in sand again, I have truly missed that a
lot. I definitely was super happy cause I looked out towards the
horizon and was like Hawaii is out there somewhere, probably a lot
more south. But this water has probably touched Hawaii at one point in
its little water life! I was so happy😊 but then on Saturday I was
ready to come back to Coquille. I know I have only been here for a
week (and at that time it was like 4 days) but I missed it. I just
wanted to go back! So I was in a really happy mood when I got back
into town. I was super excited to do missionary work here and to get
to know the people and the area better! We found 2 new investigators
and had 6 lessons! It was so exciting! 😊 yeah I was in a super good

So Sunday was great! First I got to meet the ward finally!! Ah I
really just love it here so much! The people are awesome! I also got
to meet our investigator Sharon, who is amazing. She is a professor
and she LOVES the pamphlets. She studies those things like crazy and
makes notes and has sticky notes with questions and it's just awesome!
So after second hour we had a mini lesson with her about her questions
on the word of wisdom and not drinking coffee. We just told her about
how there are health benefits to the word of wisdom but the main
reason we live the word of wisdom is out of obedience to our father in
heaven. Because he asked us to do this and because we love him, we
follow his commandments. And she instantly was like oh okay well I
will be getting rid of that! It was awesome. Then after church we went
finding and found another new investigator Brook! She is super cute
and her husband is a less active member and she was super excited to
set up a lesson win us, which was really nice 😊 then we had dinner at
the Churchs family! They are crazy, but in a good way! It reminded me
of growing up with all my siblings still at home! They made us
homemade garlic cheesy bread and spaghetti 😍 seriously so good. Then
we went over to Sharon's house to give her a pamphlet on temples
(cause she wanted to know what a temple recommend was) and a D&C. She
was so excited! We talked to her for a while and she showed us all her
old pamphlets and her Book of Mormon and all the sticky notesπŸ˜‚ then
we sat at the piano and played hymns and sang them.. Which before my
mission I would have never done, especially around someone that I met
that day! But it was so nice and you could really feel the spirit, she
is praying about July 2nd for her baptismal date! Yay!!😊

Well that was my week! I still miss Creswell, but I know that I am
here for a reason. I already love it so much and I am so excited to be
serving here!! It is incredible to see all the people that Heavenly
Father has prepared to be taught by us. I know that this gospel is
true and is Jesus Christ's gospel once again restored on the earth
today! I am so thankful for prophets and all the guidance they have
for this church. I am so thankful that I am a member and for this
opportunity to serve others and help them have eternal families! Well
I hope you guys have a good week!

Sister Morgan 😊


I AM NO LONGER IN TRAINING! Though I feel like I still should be! It's
crazy, I have been in the field for a little over 3 months! Time
really flies, the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days!

Well since I haven't written a while I will tell you guys about my
past two weeks!  We went contacting a Less Active member on a street
called Hungry Hill. The ward told us to go there during the day so we
did and it was gorgeous!! Greenery everywhere! I understand why they
said to go during the day just because it would be hard to see in the

We had Specialized training last week! It was great because i got to
see a lot of Missionaries  that i have served around or came out with
from the MTC!! Specialized training is another opportunity that we
have as missionaries to listen to President and Sister Russell and our
Assistants to the President. They basically call us to repentance and
teach us how we can be better missionaries!

We got a text  from our Investigator Adams, fiancΓ© Genene. She told us
that she is taking Adam  to Utah to a rehab center. Sister Figueroa
and i were so sad. He was making such progressing and was really
building on his testimony but just like that Satan comes and crushes
it. We have the amazing Teuschers that are helping us see how we can
help and just making sure things get better. He still wants to be
baptized but he has to get this past him before.

Last Saturday we got the opportunity to volunteer at the Heroes
Challenge. It is an obstacle course for military families. It was
POURING RAIN!!! The head volunteer girl took us around the course and
it looked like we all walked through a shower, it was crazy! It was
all the missionaries in the Santa Clara, Springfield and Eugene zones
so missionaries were everywhere!!! It was awesome!!! Unfortunately
they didn't get as many participants as they were expecting due to the
down pour of rain but it was fun being around other missionaries and
seeing all the military vehicles come in!

And yeah week was interesting.. So on Tuesday his fiancΓ© like yelled and was
really mad at us for something someone else did but yeah that wasn't
fun and then she apologized later. then we had a lesson that night and
it was just awful.. We just had a really rough day.

But the rest of the week was good! We had a blitz in our area and
found 5 new investigators! Then me and sister Figueroa found another
one so we found 6 this week! Which is awesome!  But then on friday
night we got the call that we were DOUBLE  TRANSFERRED OUT :/ so the
rest of the week was just a crazy with saying goodbye to people and
packing and cleaning! They aren't putting any missionaries in until
next transfer so the cottage grove sisters are covering our area for
at least 6 weeks. We have a shortage on missionaries but we are
getting 25+ in July which is awesome, so hopefully they will put some
back in then! It was SUPER hard to leave. Especially cause I didn't
think I was leaving. But I'm here now in Coquille! It's even smaller
then Creswell! It's like 15 mins away from the beach. I'm in the coos
bay zone! Sister Figueroa got sent down to Medford. Which is super
hot! So she is gonna be a lobster! πŸ˜‚ My new companion is sister
rassbansen (I think that's how you spell it!) She is 6'2 and she seems
cool! So hopefully we get along well!! It was a 3 hour drive down here
but we made it safely!

The past couple weeks i have had the opportunity to reflect on the
person i am and the person i want to become. I am not the same Katie
Morgan  that i was when i was home. I have learned a lot and tried to
become a better person. I have also had the opportunity to reflect on
these 3 months that i have been here in the OEM! I have had time to
think about the missionary i am and how i want to become better!!! A
mission truly is the MTC for life, it incredible!!!!

Sister Morgan

May 2nd, 2016

This week was pretty good! I got my hair cut, we had exchanges this
week which was interesting! Oh and we found 2 new investigators(: they
are both kinda cool stories so the first girl Samaria, we we not
feeling good at all. Like really sick but we decided to go tracking
and the moment we got out of our car we felt better, then she was the
3 house we were at and she is super cute and told us her life story in
the 2nd min of us being there and she has a really cute puppy(: we
gave her a Book of Mormon and she wants us to come back on Thursday!
And then after her house we felt really sick again 😐 then the second
girl Cristy, we were on exchanges and I was taking over the area for
24 hours 😳 I was so nervous. But I had planned to go tracking in this
one area and when we got there I was just not feeling it at all and
then we went to like the other side of town and the 2nd house we
knocked on was hers. And she was really interested in the Book of
Mormon and wants us to come back Tuesday(:

Service was interesting this week πŸ˜‚ we had 3 different encounters
with marijuana one guy reaped of it, a woman had a huge tattoo of it
on her arm, and we had plants this week and a man asked if we had any
marijuana plants...

Sister Velarde ran into our trash cans.. She went to a lesson with us
to a less actives house and then after she dropped us back off at our
house she backed out of our driveway right into our trash cans πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
then we played bean boozeled (idk how to spell it) with a family on
Saturday night and I ate so many gross jelly beans.. 😐 I felt so sick
after, but it was fun and that family is awesome! Sister Figueroa
shaved my legs this week.. Hahaha that was interesting! She really
thought I needed to shave soo yeah she just shaved for me in the sink!
I love her! We get along so great and I am so glad that she is my
companion! People ask us about transfers and leaving each other and we
just can't talk about it haha that will be a sad day for us. Oh and so
this week we ate at Figueros pizza! Sister Figueroa was super excited
cause it's basically her last name! But it was actually pretty good!

Then we had a lesson with Adam last night, which went sooo good! We
talked about obedience, praying often, and studying the scriptures! We
showed the bible video about Naaman and how he went and washed in the
river Jordan 7 different times to get rid of the leprosy. We talked
about how it took faith for him to go do it and obedience to do it
exactly 7 times! It is such an amazing story, the spirit was so
strong! We downloaded the gospel library app on his phone so that he
could use the institute manual to help him understand the Book of
Mormon! Then we talked about how we need to pray a lot, everyday. But
we can't just pray for something and expect to get an answer without
doing anything. We need to use all of our resources and do everything
we can to receive an answer. We can't just pray to know if the Book of
Mormon is true and get an answer from Heavenly Father without actually
reading, studying and pondering on the Book of Mormon. We talked about
how faith and prayer are action words!

I know Heavenly Father answers prayers, I wouldn't be here if he
didn't! I absolutely love the Book of Mormon, it has helped me in so
many ways that I didn't even think possible. I know that this church
is Jesus Christ's church once again established on the earth today! I
am so thankful to be a missionary, yes it gets really hard sometimes.
But it is so worth it, I am growing so much already. I love the people
here in Creswell! And I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to
meet them and develop these amazing relationships with them. I know
that I am where I am supposed to be! I love you all and hope you have
a great week!

Sister Morgan😊

April 25, 2016 "What a Week!"

So this week was pretty crazy!

Tuesday was really nice out so we did a lot of finding! It was kinda
nice cause we were walking around the elementary school and we had
different members say hi to us while they were driving by, then we
also had some of the young woman who were at track stop and say hi and
talked to us for a little! I really love this ward and how much they
love the missionaries and take care of us! We went to contact one of
our investigators who is 11, she lives in a potential drug house. So
we went to see if her mom signed the permission slip to let her be
taught by missionaries, turns out her mom wouldn't sign it and it was
really sad cause you could tell on the little girls face how sad and
upset she was that her mom wouldn't let us meet with her anymore. Then
we went to contact a former investigator named Brenda! We have tried
multiple times but she has a weird work schedule. This time she was
actually home! And it turns out that she is a less active member,
don't know how the previous missionaries missed that one! But yeah she
was a member that we were trying to meet with on Monday night but
couldn't find her address! But now we know where she lives! She is
super awesome! We talked about genealogy for almost an hour! Her
family was part of the original congregation with Joseph Smith! Well
yeah she was great and told us we could come back anytime!

Wednesday had an interesting start. So we had a lesson with one of our
newish investigators who is probably in his late 60s early 70s. So
yeah we get there with one of members (who is just awesome!) and knock
on the door and the guy opens it wearing just a diaper!! Nothing else.
So our awesome member is like oh well we can give you some time to get
dressed. And he consistently just saying no it's alright come it. So
yeah we went in and sat down and he just like got dressed in front of
us. It was so awkward!! I was trying to look at his wall decorations
the whole time. Then once he was dressed we all read 3 Nephi 11
together stopping every so often to talk about the verses. The spirit
was so strong and you could tell that he felt it, he started tearing
up multiple times while reading! It was a great end to a really
awkward start of the lesson! Then later that night we were supposed to
have a lesson with Adam but he wasn't feeling like it but we all (the
Teuschers, us and Adam) sat down just to talk and had such a great
spiritual conversation! It was an informal lesson but it was what he
needed that night. He asked questions, told us his concerns, and told
us different parts of his testimony. We talked about the bible and the
Book of Mormon and how to understand them better while reading. We had
a good discussion about the things going on in his life and he told us
about a dream he had. Now Adam has never had a dream before that he
can remember. Ever. But he had a dream since our last lesson and in
this dream he was driving a van and there were more people than seats
in the car and this guy in the back corner was having an argument with
him about how it's fine just let it be and Adam was saying no this
isn't right. This is wrong. But then he had a still small voice speak
to him saying "No Adam, this is everything right." He woke up and knew
that the church was true. That this was his own personal revelation
from the spirit, that it was an answer to many many prayers that he
had. IT WAS AWESOME! You could just tell on his face how happy he was.
He is really a completely different man now then the one I met at
church my first Sunday here. It is such a blessing to see how the
gospel changes people's lives for the better. It makes me want to work
harder and to bring more people to this gospel, to see that light
brighten in their eyes as they understand and develop a greater
relationship with Christ. To see the light of Christ in their
countenance. This is why I am on a mission. To bring others to Christ,
to share his gospel with the people Heavenly Father has sent me
personally here to teach.

So every Thursday we have service at the Creswell food pantry. Which
is super awesome. First we get to wear normal clothes which is a nice
change from the regular skirts 24/7! We also work with some incredible
people! They all love to serve the people of Creswell in any way that
they can. And we have had some great conversations with them about
life and religious views. They keep us updated on the weather for the
upcoming week and on the different events going on around the world.
It's always great when they hear something good about Mormons and then
come let us know. I think that some of them think that all Mormons
everywhere know each other hahaha we had a lady come and ask us how
the missionaries in Brussels were doing because she thought that we
would know way more about what's going on then the news does. Which is
probably very wrong cause we don't watch the news.. But we just told
her all that we knew from like members and and she was
thankful for us keeping her updated on what was happening with them!
They always find us interesting and ask us questions about what all we
do and if we ever take breaks or get a vacation. And we explain how
our p-day is kinda like our "break" and that that's when we get to
email our family and friends. They also like to tease us. We have to
be careful not to yawn or well not to let them catch us yawning! Which
is really hard to do when all you are thinking about is not yawning.
Also there is a rule where if we are using reverse in the car the
other companion has to stand behind the car to make sure you don't hit
anything.. So of course they love to tease us and jump in the way of
the car when I'm backing Sister Figueroa. But it always make you feel
better when you are serving other people. You can feel the savior so
love for you so strongly as you show his love for others. So it is a
great way to love and meet the people of Creswell.

Friday was a long day. We went finding a lot and it was really rainy
and cloudy and not a ton of fun.. But then we had dinner with this
really old couple that we were actually pretty worried about because
the first time I met him, he introduced himself as being crazy. And we
had never ate with them before so yeah we were nervous. But they are
the cutest couple! Not crazy at all! They are so sweet and just
awesome! They served a mission about 12 years ago and just loved it
and they love the missionaries. And they have the cutest rebellious
love story. So he was in the Air Force and got transferred to where
she lived and she saw him at church a couple times then one day saw
him when she was with her friend and she told her friend that she was
going to marry him. Then they actually met a couple weeks after. Then
they dated for a year then got married when she was 15 and he was 20!
Crazy right!? And they just went and eloped. Which first was illegal
cause she was under age and she wasn't even supposed to be dating
until she was 16! So yeah they technically never "lied" but they
didn't tell the full truth!! So yeah totally got married behind her
parents back! Mom and dad would have KILLED me!! But so they told her
parents 5 days later and the dad said well you weren't supposed to do
that but since you did you better do it (marriage) the right way then
went and got them cake and ice cream. And her mom was just crying the
whole time in the next room over and then the mom went into labor. But
yeah so I'm not doing it very good justice cause there is a lot more
detail about how they did it but yeah so they have been married for 64
years!! And they are just so cute!!😍 then when we left we went and
did more contacting and tracking! We were so tired by the end of the
night we slept so well!

So not much happened on Saturday.. We went finding for 5 hours and 15
mins and we got nothin. So that sucked! We had dinner at the Schuetz
house which is always interesting! But this time there were not
breaking of chairs or bathroom talk at the dinner tableπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ we did
though talk about marijuana though for a good portion of it! And how
Colorado legalized it and how it's illegal to drive under the
influence, and when their daughter learned this I guess new
information she goes "oh well that's good to know!"  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and then
just kept digging herself farther in that whole and then finally just
stopped talking, then her brother says "smooth" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

And yesterday was really good we extended a challenge to the ward to
get more involved with missionary work and if they accomplish it then
they get to throw pies in our faces and dump water all over us! So
hopefully it will get everyone involved! But yeah there is my week!
Hope everyone's was good! Love and miss you all!

Sister Morgan 😊