Saturday, June 25, 2016

The past 2 weeks 😊

So my past 2 weeks was good! We had interviews with president which
were really good! He answers a lot of my questions and really helps me
learn and grow!I am just going to give you a brief overview of all our
investigators right now and then if anything exciting happened.
Sharon: Sharon is doing awesome, last week we taught her about the
word of wisdom, temples, and law of chastity all in one lesson and it
went so good. She has no problem with the he law of chastity, she had
some questions about same sex marriage but other then that she said
she is good to go (she doesn't have a problem with that she just has
friends that are) and then temples she had a question about temple
recommends, and then we talked about the word of wisdom again. And she
talked about not having coffee, and she is so cool she goes: okay well
I only have coffee once time during the day and it's in the morning
with my toast for breakfast, but I think I can replace it with herbal
tea. And then we asked her if she trusd us and she said yes of course,
and so we asked her if we could take all her coffee and her bad tea
out of the house and she looked at us and said yes, and she even said
she would give someone else her coffee grinder thing. She is
awesome!!! And so prepared, holy cow. She is leaving to go to her
other house that is near tillamook but then she will be back. We have
her on date to be baptized in July 2nd, so hopefully she will be able
to make it. Right now I think that she will probably have to move it,
but hopefully not. Anyways, Sharon is doing awesome!!  We love her and
she loves learning, we got her a hymn book and she is learning how to
play some of the songs in there and we go over there sing with her,
which is awesome. She loves it when we go over and sing with her. She
is so cute. So Sharon is doing awesome!! Keep her in your prayers for
Rae: Rae hasnt been to church for a while and so it's been really hard
to meet with her because her and her mom both don't get back with us
on we just kind of have to wait until we go out to their
house which is the farthest point in Myrtle point 9 miles away or we
have to wait tel, they come to church. So that's kind of hard.
We have dropped a lot of people so we haven't had a ton of lessons lately.
The nugens are doing super awesome, in fact they went and got their
patriarch blessing yesterday which is so exciting. Brother Nugen had a
lot of doubts and things he is trying to work on, but he notices that,
he understands that he doesn't know everything. But he wants to,
anyways it's awesome. You can just see the desire of trying to do
what's right and their is a struggle but their is a sincere desire to
change, which is awesome!! And they are so good to us, they always ask
us if their is anything that they can do for us, sister nugen recently
sewed some of my clothes back together, they are just awesome!
We also found a couple of new investigators this week:
Amanda: Amanda was sick when we first met her but she said that she
works graveyard and so the best time to reach her would be during the
week, and during the day. She has a Book of Mormon and so we briefly
went over the Book of Mormon and the introduction would help her as
she would read it to understand what the Book of Mormon was about. And
she agreed to read it, we set up an appointment with her but it didn't
work out so we will have to try and contact her later.
Courtney is the other new: We knocked on her door and the we asked her
if she was Courtney and she said yes and they we asked her if there
was a time that we could come back. And she said yes she was just
super busy and she didn't have a phone because her son had slobbered
all over it and she was busy because she was always babysitting for
money. But she seems awesome, this lesson also didn't end up working
out, but hopefully we will be able to get in contact with her soon.
Hopefully our lessons stop failing to go through, cause that's always
really hard when we aren't teaching very much.
We had a lesson with Robin a recent convert. When we went over their
sister Robinson took us and her driving is crazy, and does not do good
things to my tummy and so we got their to robins and her house smelled
terrible. I was struggling, but we went by and I am pretty sure she
was drunk and Troy, her brother. Which is sad, she is a recent convert
and she is trying to move so hopefully she can move out to Myrtle
point which would be so much better off. But we will see how that
We had another lesson with Joann, we talked about the rest of the
restoration and the hold up with Joann is that she is living with a
guy. And so that's makes things super hard. But she needs to be
baptized, she knows the restoration by heart because she has been
taught it so many times. We asked her if she would be baptized and she
said that she would like to go over the questions again to make sure
she is ready. We don't know when she will get baptized, but we do know
she will.
Then on Monday instead of having p day, we had tracting and finding
all day and we did find a new investigator. Her name is Myah she is a
little younger but I guess her sister went to girls camp or something
and so maybe that will bring good feelings up with the parents, I
don't know but hopefully it goes well.
Then in Tuesday we had a lesson with Verna. She is great, for how much
pain she is always in she is always so sweet and kind. We talked to
Verna about following the prophet, we showed her the video of
president Monson when he wiggles his ears and she got a good laugh out
of that. She said she understood everything and she would watch
general conference that we will give her on Sunday, she said she has
never seen in before. So we are excited to show it to her. She is
So this week was okay for teaching lessons, we are just really trying
to build up the area!!! It's hard because people do know us and so
it's hard for us to go tracting, especially in Coquille. But that's
how main focus right now.
The only other really exciting things we did where: 1. We went and did
service at the food bank, I love talking with all those people there,
and they do it down the street from our apartment so it's easy to get
to, and hopefully the people see us working there and realize oh yeah
the Mormon missionaries ain't so bad!! :) that's the hope anyways. 2.
We had gay 90's, they have their parade. It was really good, they
didn't really have any businesses In the parade so that was good. We
sat by some members and it was funny because people would come up to
us as if they where going to give us something and then they would
read our tag and skip right over us. It was really funny to watch.
Hahaha. Then they had a bunch of food vendors and then we got free
cotton candy from the Marchants in our ward, and then we walked around
and talked to a couple different people. There was two guys that where
kind of creepy so we just decided to leave and go finding. By the
afternoon a lot of the gay 90's stuff had left because it was so hot,
but it was cool. I would go back, maybe not as a missionary because I
could do more and people wouldn't dislike me as much but it was fun!
3. Me and sister Rasmussen  had a dance party in our apartment the
other night, with ourselves. It was pretty interesting. 😊
The temple was Amazing!! It's a really small temple but it was just so
nice to go! I've missed it a lot! It was such a long day! It took
almost 3 hours to get there and back. So it was nice to go! Then we
found 5 new investigators this past week! So that was amazing! We will
see how these people are and it's just exciting!  So that's pretty
much my weeks kinda a lot sorry!
I know that this church is true and that prayers are ALWAYS answered!
I am so grateful for the gospel and the peace and joy it brings to me
and the people that I am teaching!

I love and miss you all!
Sister Morgan 😊

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