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April 25, 2016 "What a Week!"

So this week was pretty crazy!

Tuesday was really nice out so we did a lot of finding! It was kinda
nice cause we were walking around the elementary school and we had
different members say hi to us while they were driving by, then we
also had some of the young woman who were at track stop and say hi and
talked to us for a little! I really love this ward and how much they
love the missionaries and take care of us! We went to contact one of
our investigators who is 11, she lives in a potential drug house. So
we went to see if her mom signed the permission slip to let her be
taught by missionaries, turns out her mom wouldn't sign it and it was
really sad cause you could tell on the little girls face how sad and
upset she was that her mom wouldn't let us meet with her anymore. Then
we went to contact a former investigator named Brenda! We have tried
multiple times but she has a weird work schedule. This time she was
actually home! And it turns out that she is a less active member,
don't know how the previous missionaries missed that one! But yeah she
was a member that we were trying to meet with on Monday night but
couldn't find her address! But now we know where she lives! She is
super awesome! We talked about genealogy for almost an hour! Her
family was part of the original congregation with Joseph Smith! Well
yeah she was great and told us we could come back anytime!

Wednesday had an interesting start. So we had a lesson with one of our
newish investigators who is probably in his late 60s early 70s. So
yeah we get there with one of members (who is just awesome!) and knock
on the door and the guy opens it wearing just a diaper!! Nothing else.
So our awesome member is like oh well we can give you some time to get
dressed. And he consistently just saying no it's alright come it. So
yeah we went in and sat down and he just like got dressed in front of
us. It was so awkward!! I was trying to look at his wall decorations
the whole time. Then once he was dressed we all read 3 Nephi 11
together stopping every so often to talk about the verses. The spirit
was so strong and you could tell that he felt it, he started tearing
up multiple times while reading! It was a great end to a really
awkward start of the lesson! Then later that night we were supposed to
have a lesson with Adam but he wasn't feeling like it but we all (the
Teuschers, us and Adam) sat down just to talk and had such a great
spiritual conversation! It was an informal lesson but it was what he
needed that night. He asked questions, told us his concerns, and told
us different parts of his testimony. We talked about the bible and the
Book of Mormon and how to understand them better while reading. We had
a good discussion about the things going on in his life and he told us
about a dream he had. Now Adam has never had a dream before that he
can remember. Ever. But he had a dream since our last lesson and in
this dream he was driving a van and there were more people than seats
in the car and this guy in the back corner was having an argument with
him about how it's fine just let it be and Adam was saying no this
isn't right. This is wrong. But then he had a still small voice speak
to him saying "No Adam, this is everything right." He woke up and knew
that the church was true. That this was his own personal revelation
from the spirit, that it was an answer to many many prayers that he
had. IT WAS AWESOME! You could just tell on his face how happy he was.
He is really a completely different man now then the one I met at
church my first Sunday here. It is such a blessing to see how the
gospel changes people's lives for the better. It makes me want to work
harder and to bring more people to this gospel, to see that light
brighten in their eyes as they understand and develop a greater
relationship with Christ. To see the light of Christ in their
countenance. This is why I am on a mission. To bring others to Christ,
to share his gospel with the people Heavenly Father has sent me
personally here to teach.

So every Thursday we have service at the Creswell food pantry. Which
is super awesome. First we get to wear normal clothes which is a nice
change from the regular skirts 24/7! We also work with some incredible
people! They all love to serve the people of Creswell in any way that
they can. And we have had some great conversations with them about
life and religious views. They keep us updated on the weather for the
upcoming week and on the different events going on around the world.
It's always great when they hear something good about Mormons and then
come let us know. I think that some of them think that all Mormons
everywhere know each other hahaha we had a lady come and ask us how
the missionaries in Brussels were doing because she thought that we
would know way more about what's going on then the news does. Which is
probably very wrong cause we don't watch the news.. But we just told
her all that we knew from like members and and she was
thankful for us keeping her updated on what was happening with them!
They always find us interesting and ask us questions about what all we
do and if we ever take breaks or get a vacation. And we explain how
our p-day is kinda like our "break" and that that's when we get to
email our family and friends. They also like to tease us. We have to
be careful not to yawn or well not to let them catch us yawning! Which
is really hard to do when all you are thinking about is not yawning.
Also there is a rule where if we are using reverse in the car the
other companion has to stand behind the car to make sure you don't hit
anything.. So of course they love to tease us and jump in the way of
the car when I'm backing Sister Figueroa. But it always make you feel
better when you are serving other people. You can feel the savior so
love for you so strongly as you show his love for others. So it is a
great way to love and meet the people of Creswell.

Friday was a long day. We went finding a lot and it was really rainy
and cloudy and not a ton of fun.. But then we had dinner with this
really old couple that we were actually pretty worried about because
the first time I met him, he introduced himself as being crazy. And we
had never ate with them before so yeah we were nervous. But they are
the cutest couple! Not crazy at all! They are so sweet and just
awesome! They served a mission about 12 years ago and just loved it
and they love the missionaries. And they have the cutest rebellious
love story. So he was in the Air Force and got transferred to where
she lived and she saw him at church a couple times then one day saw
him when she was with her friend and she told her friend that she was
going to marry him. Then they actually met a couple weeks after. Then
they dated for a year then got married when she was 15 and he was 20!
Crazy right!? And they just went and eloped. Which first was illegal
cause she was under age and she wasn't even supposed to be dating
until she was 16! So yeah they technically never "lied" but they
didn't tell the full truth!! So yeah totally got married behind her
parents back! Mom and dad would have KILLED me!! But so they told her
parents 5 days later and the dad said well you weren't supposed to do
that but since you did you better do it (marriage) the right way then
went and got them cake and ice cream. And her mom was just crying the
whole time in the next room over and then the mom went into labor. But
yeah so I'm not doing it very good justice cause there is a lot more
detail about how they did it but yeah so they have been married for 64
years!! And they are just so cute!!😍 then when we left we went and
did more contacting and tracking! We were so tired by the end of the
night we slept so well!

So not much happened on Saturday.. We went finding for 5 hours and 15
mins and we got nothin. So that sucked! We had dinner at the Schuetz
house which is always interesting! But this time there were not
breaking of chairs or bathroom talk at the dinner tableπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ we did
though talk about marijuana though for a good portion of it! And how
Colorado legalized it and how it's illegal to drive under the
influence, and when their daughter learned this I guess new
information she goes "oh well that's good to know!"  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and then
just kept digging herself farther in that whole and then finally just
stopped talking, then her brother says "smooth" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

And yesterday was really good we extended a challenge to the ward to
get more involved with missionary work and if they accomplish it then
they get to throw pies in our faces and dump water all over us! So
hopefully it will get everyone involved! But yeah there is my week!
Hope everyone's was good! Love and miss you all!

Sister Morgan 😊

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