Saturday, June 25, 2016


I AM NO LONGER IN TRAINING! Though I feel like I still should be! It's
crazy, I have been in the field for a little over 3 months! Time
really flies, the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days!

Well since I haven't written a while I will tell you guys about my
past two weeks!  We went contacting a Less Active member on a street
called Hungry Hill. The ward told us to go there during the day so we
did and it was gorgeous!! Greenery everywhere! I understand why they
said to go during the day just because it would be hard to see in the

We had Specialized training last week! It was great because i got to
see a lot of Missionaries  that i have served around or came out with
from the MTC!! Specialized training is another opportunity that we
have as missionaries to listen to President and Sister Russell and our
Assistants to the President. They basically call us to repentance and
teach us how we can be better missionaries!

We got a text  from our Investigator Adams, fiancé Genene. She told us
that she is taking Adam  to Utah to a rehab center. Sister Figueroa
and i were so sad. He was making such progressing and was really
building on his testimony but just like that Satan comes and crushes
it. We have the amazing Teuschers that are helping us see how we can
help and just making sure things get better. He still wants to be
baptized but he has to get this past him before.

Last Saturday we got the opportunity to volunteer at the Heroes
Challenge. It is an obstacle course for military families. It was
POURING RAIN!!! The head volunteer girl took us around the course and
it looked like we all walked through a shower, it was crazy! It was
all the missionaries in the Santa Clara, Springfield and Eugene zones
so missionaries were everywhere!!! It was awesome!!! Unfortunately
they didn't get as many participants as they were expecting due to the
down pour of rain but it was fun being around other missionaries and
seeing all the military vehicles come in!

And yeah week was interesting.. So on Tuesday his fiancé like yelled and was
really mad at us for something someone else did but yeah that wasn't
fun and then she apologized later. then we had a lesson that night and
it was just awful.. We just had a really rough day.

But the rest of the week was good! We had a blitz in our area and
found 5 new investigators! Then me and sister Figueroa found another
one so we found 6 this week! Which is awesome!  But then on friday
night we got the call that we were DOUBLE  TRANSFERRED OUT :/ so the
rest of the week was just a crazy with saying goodbye to people and
packing and cleaning! They aren't putting any missionaries in until
next transfer so the cottage grove sisters are covering our area for
at least 6 weeks. We have a shortage on missionaries but we are
getting 25+ in July which is awesome, so hopefully they will put some
back in then! It was SUPER hard to leave. Especially cause I didn't
think I was leaving. But I'm here now in Coquille! It's even smaller
then Creswell! It's like 15 mins away from the beach. I'm in the coos
bay zone! Sister Figueroa got sent down to Medford. Which is super
hot! So she is gonna be a lobster! 😂 My new companion is sister
rassbansen (I think that's how you spell it!) She is 6'2 and she seems
cool! So hopefully we get along well!! It was a 3 hour drive down here
but we made it safely!

The past couple weeks i have had the opportunity to reflect on the
person i am and the person i want to become. I am not the same Katie
Morgan  that i was when i was home. I have learned a lot and tried to
become a better person. I have also had the opportunity to reflect on
these 3 months that i have been here in the OEM! I have had time to
think about the missionary i am and how i want to become better!!! A
mission truly is the MTC for life, it incredible!!!!

Sister Morgan

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