Saturday, June 25, 2016

May 2nd, 2016

This week was pretty good! I got my hair cut, we had exchanges this
week which was interesting! Oh and we found 2 new investigators(: they
are both kinda cool stories so the first girl Samaria, we we not
feeling good at all. Like really sick but we decided to go tracking
and the moment we got out of our car we felt better, then she was the
3 house we were at and she is super cute and told us her life story in
the 2nd min of us being there and she has a really cute puppy(: we
gave her a Book of Mormon and she wants us to come back on Thursday!
And then after her house we felt really sick again 😐 then the second
girl Cristy, we were on exchanges and I was taking over the area for
24 hours 😳 I was so nervous. But I had planned to go tracking in this
one area and when we got there I was just not feeling it at all and
then we went to like the other side of town and the 2nd house we
knocked on was hers. And she was really interested in the Book of
Mormon and wants us to come back Tuesday(:

Service was interesting this week πŸ˜‚ we had 3 different encounters
with marijuana one guy reaped of it, a woman had a huge tattoo of it
on her arm, and we had plants this week and a man asked if we had any
marijuana plants...

Sister Velarde ran into our trash cans.. She went to a lesson with us
to a less actives house and then after she dropped us back off at our
house she backed out of our driveway right into our trash cans πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
then we played bean boozeled (idk how to spell it) with a family on
Saturday night and I ate so many gross jelly beans.. 😐 I felt so sick
after, but it was fun and that family is awesome! Sister Figueroa
shaved my legs this week.. Hahaha that was interesting! She really
thought I needed to shave soo yeah she just shaved for me in the sink!
I love her! We get along so great and I am so glad that she is my
companion! People ask us about transfers and leaving each other and we
just can't talk about it haha that will be a sad day for us. Oh and so
this week we ate at Figueros pizza! Sister Figueroa was super excited
cause it's basically her last name! But it was actually pretty good!

Then we had a lesson with Adam last night, which went sooo good! We
talked about obedience, praying often, and studying the scriptures! We
showed the bible video about Naaman and how he went and washed in the
river Jordan 7 different times to get rid of the leprosy. We talked
about how it took faith for him to go do it and obedience to do it
exactly 7 times! It is such an amazing story, the spirit was so
strong! We downloaded the gospel library app on his phone so that he
could use the institute manual to help him understand the Book of
Mormon! Then we talked about how we need to pray a lot, everyday. But
we can't just pray for something and expect to get an answer without
doing anything. We need to use all of our resources and do everything
we can to receive an answer. We can't just pray to know if the Book of
Mormon is true and get an answer from Heavenly Father without actually
reading, studying and pondering on the Book of Mormon. We talked about
how faith and prayer are action words!

I know Heavenly Father answers prayers, I wouldn't be here if he
didn't! I absolutely love the Book of Mormon, it has helped me in so
many ways that I didn't even think possible. I know that this church
is Jesus Christ's church once again established on the earth today! I
am so thankful to be a missionary, yes it gets really hard sometimes.
But it is so worth it, I am growing so much already. I love the people
here in Creswell! And I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to
meet them and develop these amazing relationships with them. I know
that I am where I am supposed to be! I love you all and hope you have
a great week!

Sister Morgan😊

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