Saturday, June 25, 2016

Coquille part 2 😍

So this week was a whole bunch of crazy! First it's weird telling
people that this is my second area, cause well it doesn't feel like I
have been out very long at all! But what's really great is that
Coquille high school and Creswell high school are HUGE rivals. So
that's always an interesting conversation at the dinner table!

So we had what like 6 lessons cancel on us with our investigators, but
we had 8 other lessons, 2 Recent convert lessons and we found 3 new
investigators!!😊 it was a hard yet very great week!

So on Tuesday we had a lesson with the Nugens (recent converts) they
are so cute! We talked about patriarchal blessings and how they are
our own personal liahonas! And how they help direct and guide us
throughout our lives. It was such an amazing lesson and they are so
great! They are meeting with bishop now to get there blessings! And
what's crazy is that normally they are really hard to schedule a
lesson with and today at church Sister Nugen comes up to me and asked
me if Tuesday night would work for us and that they really want to
have another lesson, so that's really exciting!!

On Wednesday we had 3 lessons cancel on us which wasn't fun, but then
I didn't feel very well at all! And once we got back to the church to
refill our water bottles I was in the bathroom throwing up. Let me
just tell you, being on your mission and getting sick SUCKS! I
honestly just wanted my mom to come cuddle with me and watch Netflix.
It was awful, so we stayed in for the rest of the day ☹️ but it was a
good opportunity for me and Sister Rasmussen to get to know each other
better and to bond! I also got a blessing from the elders to help me
feel better, which of course it did! I just seriously love blessings,
they help me in more ways than one can imagine. They are just the best
things ever.

Thursday wasn't very eventful.. We went to one of our outliers in our
ward called powers. It's about 45 mins away, and where it is placed is
super gorgeous! The town by itself not so much.. We were there for a
couple hours and nothing. So that stunk. But then we had dinner at our
bishops house, the Elmers! Which was really great! Our bishops family
is awesome! We played this soccer game thing with a work out ball 😬
my team totally won 😊 and I showed one of their daughters, who is a
senior this year, how to study her scriptures more diligently and to
help her understand what is actually going on.

Friday we had our district meeting, which was good! Then sister Elmer
drove us up to Coos Bay for an exchange with the STLs. So I went up
there and one of the sisters came down here. It was weird, I don't
really like exchanges to begin with but on my first week in an area
idk it was just weird! But I did get to go to the beach finally!! 😍😍
I went to sunset beach, because members in Creswell told me that was
the one to go to! It was so gorgeous!! The water was freezing.. But it
felt so nice having my feet in sand again, I have truly missed that a
lot. I definitely was super happy cause I looked out towards the
horizon and was like Hawaii is out there somewhere, probably a lot
more south. But this water has probably touched Hawaii at one point in
its little water life! I was so happy😊 but then on Saturday I was
ready to come back to Coquille. I know I have only been here for a
week (and at that time it was like 4 days) but I missed it. I just
wanted to go back! So I was in a really happy mood when I got back
into town. I was super excited to do missionary work here and to get
to know the people and the area better! We found 2 new investigators
and had 6 lessons! It was so exciting! 😊 yeah I was in a super good

So Sunday was great! First I got to meet the ward finally!! Ah I
really just love it here so much! The people are awesome! I also got
to meet our investigator Sharon, who is amazing. She is a professor
and she LOVES the pamphlets. She studies those things like crazy and
makes notes and has sticky notes with questions and it's just awesome!
So after second hour we had a mini lesson with her about her questions
on the word of wisdom and not drinking coffee. We just told her about
how there are health benefits to the word of wisdom but the main
reason we live the word of wisdom is out of obedience to our father in
heaven. Because he asked us to do this and because we love him, we
follow his commandments. And she instantly was like oh okay well I
will be getting rid of that! It was awesome. Then after church we went
finding and found another new investigator Brook! She is super cute
and her husband is a less active member and she was super excited to
set up a lesson win us, which was really nice 😊 then we had dinner at
the Churchs family! They are crazy, but in a good way! It reminded me
of growing up with all my siblings still at home! They made us
homemade garlic cheesy bread and spaghetti 😍 seriously so good. Then
we went over to Sharon's house to give her a pamphlet on temples
(cause she wanted to know what a temple recommend was) and a D&C. She
was so excited! We talked to her for a while and she showed us all her
old pamphlets and her Book of Mormon and all the sticky notesπŸ˜‚ then
we sat at the piano and played hymns and sang them.. Which before my
mission I would have never done, especially around someone that I met
that day! But it was so nice and you could really feel the spirit, she
is praying about July 2nd for her baptismal date! Yay!!😊

Well that was my week! I still miss Creswell, but I know that I am
here for a reason. I already love it so much and I am so excited to be
serving here!! It is incredible to see all the people that Heavenly
Father has prepared to be taught by us. I know that this gospel is
true and is Jesus Christ's gospel once again restored on the earth
today! I am so thankful for prophets and all the guidance they have
for this church. I am so thankful that I am a member and for this
opportunity to serve others and help them have eternal families! Well
I hope you guys have a good week!

Sister Morgan 😊

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