Thursday, July 14, 2016

Santa Clara πŸŽ…

Things are going really well for me! So I got transferred to Santa Clara 3rd ward which is in Eugene! I LOVE my companion! Sister Leavitt and I came out together in the MTC which is super fun(: I really like the area (something crazy: my bishop was roommates with uncle Joe in college!) just found that out last night! Oh and their are a lot of people in this ward that are related to people in Creswell which is awesome(: We share a ward with the Assistants to the President which is interesting! We don't see them very often but they are awesome missionaries and do a lot for our mission that no one sees!

We had a really good week for the most part! On Monday till Wednesday I was REALLY sick. And we found out that I actually get really bad migraines, that make me throw up a lot so that sucks! So we went out some on Tuesday but I almost threw up at someone's house so we went home!  We haven't had a ton of time to go finding cause we have had so many lessons this week and we did service for the Olympic trials in Eugene which was SUPER fun(: we got a lot of free stuff from Nike which is always nice! We did that from 9-5 on Wednesday and SaturdayWe were the security check people. It was exhausting yet so great because it was 3 different zones doing it, so we got to see a lot of missionaries! We have 3 zones in the Eugene area and our mission calls
it the trinity so I'm already 2/3 for serving in them which is fun! On Thursday and Friday we had a lot of lessons and we actually just put 3 people on date! They are all 13 and younger but they are adorable and all their parents are less actives coming back to church. There are 2 brothers and a different little girl. They are all so cute and fun, I am so excited for them and their families! I know that families can be together forever. I am so grateful for mine and for all they do for me! This next week we are going to a Nashville Tribute concert in Creswell(: I'm SO excited! I get to see all of my old ward members and listen to music and see lots of missionaries it's gonna be great! Well
I hope you all have a great Week! I love and miss you all!

Sister Morgan 😊
Here's some pictures!

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