Tuesday, September 13, 2016


My week was pretty good! Tuesday: so today we did a lot of finding and lessons mixed into it. We went tracking a found a couple potentials who said we could come back! We saw sooo many spiders it's ridiculous. Then we went to a less actives house and talked to her. She REALLY needed to talk to someone. Then we had a lesson with Autumn which went really well! She has girls camp next week which is so exciting! I'm happy that she gets to get away from her family for a week and get to be with good examples! Then we had dinner, oh man that was rough. So sister Leavitt is awesome and can speak Spanish and the members house we ate ate ONLY knew Spanish. It was really long and confusing for me. I had no idea what was going on, but I did try my hardest to speak to her in Spanish. So then after dinner we went and got a well deserved ice cream from Dairy Queen (: then we continued to contact people and less actives! We met some really cool people so it was great! 

Thursday: man today was INCREDIBLE. We met with so many people it was great. We listened to Conversion of a Catholic which is so spiritual. Then we went and had a lesson with Cheryl. It went really good! We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ using water/die/bleach/vinegar and how the gift of the Holy Ghost is so important. She wants it to be true so badly. She always says if this is true then how amazing is this church it needs to be told to everyone! She just needs to come to know for herself that the Book of Mormon is true. She is praying about a baptismal date! Then we had a lesson with Autumn, it went well we taught her about keeping the sabbath day holy and following the prophet. After our lesson we had dinner with the smith family (: they are so cute! After we had a lesson with Nino which we read some chapters out of the Book of Mormon. He is someone we have to teach slowly to teach effectively. Then we had a lesson with a less active and her nonmember husband which went really good. He cried when we talked about the atonement. It was so spiritual! Then we went to the church to sync and we got a text from Dillon and Cameron's grandma saying that her daughter FINALLY agreed to let her daughter meet with the missionaries and get baptized!! Jasmin is so cute, she has been wanting to get baptized since forever! So then we ran over to her house to have a lesson with jasmin and Dillon. They are the strongest most prepared 9 year olds I have ever met! Jasmin wants to get baptized the same day as the boys!! ðŸ˜Š 
Last night we had a lesson with Cameron and Dillon and it went really well! We taught the plan of salvation and Cameron really seemed to understand it! 

Love you all!

Sister Morgan

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