Tuesday, September 13, 2016

In one year I'll be on the plane! ✈ 8/29/2016

In one year from today y'all will see my smiling face!

So this week has probably been one of the hardest weeks of my mission. I didn't have any of my medicine and kinda went through withdrawals. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were REALLY hard. I had pretty bad breakdowns each morning. I'm pretty sure they were anxiety attacks, it was bad. I like couldn't breath and my chest hurt and I basically felt like someone was strangling me. I also got sick and had to go to the doctor for my ear which sucked.  I just wanted my family. I debated so much going home and just quitting. And of course I was being dumb and not telling my companion any of what was going on besides my ear. But I prayed A LOT. Just bawling asking Heavenly Father to just help me get through that day. And it was weird cause it was mostly just the morning that I felt this way and then I wasn't my normal self but I was better by the end of the day and then it would start all over. It was really hard. I got a blessing and that helped a lot. I just love priesthood blessings they are my favorite. ❤️ but then after that Sister Leavitt came back for the weekend. So we picked her up on Friday night and we are taking her to the mission home tonight. She got ETd to train the first Spanish sister in the mission. So now she is going down to Klamath to be in a Spanish branch! She is really nervous but she will do great! And this weekend was a lot better than the beginning of the week! We found 2 new investigators and we had a lot of lessons and over all it was very hard but worth it. I know why I am here, I have a lot of things I need to work on, but I know that this is something that I need to do, that I need to put one step in front of the other even though I am scared and nervous. I can't quit cause it's hard. I do that a lot and I don't want to. I am still learning how to do that but it will get better as time goes. I also learned that I really need my medicine everyday.. It is quite important. I've grown a lot closer to my Heavenly Father this week. I know that he loves each and everyone of us and that he is always there! I know this church is true and that Jesus went through everything we will ever experience! I love my mission so much, even when it's hard!

Sister Morgan

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