Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Garden Party Shenanigans ✌ 8/22/2016

Well this week was crazy! So I was supposed to get Sister Vance but someone went home and it changed a bunch of things up so now I'm with Sister Johnson!(: she is amazing! We really get along. So to start the week I got sick once again.. So that was awful. But we had some really good lessons! Oh and Autumn didn't end up getting baptized this week which really stunk. There was a lot happening and her parents weren't being the best support system so we are moving the date to September 2 or 3rd! She is so ready and it's sad to see her family holding her back, but she is so strong and has an amazing testimony especially for a 13 year Old! Ah I love her so much! We taught Ryan on Monday that went really good! Then we taught Cheryl a couple times this week! We got her to quit coffee and tea which is great!(: she made my moms amazing chicken enchiladas for us! They were SO good. Then we had a lesson with the Prudhel family which the spirit was so strong! Oh man so then on Thursday our relief society had a garden party. It was really good! It let all the woman bound and Cheryl came and had a blast! Then the next day Sister Johnson wasn't feeling so well. And on Saturday she was really sick! We thought it was just a virus that had been going around the mission. Turns out that a lot of people who went to the garden party got food poisoning!! There was 15+ woman who didn't go to church because they were so sick and more who did come even though they were sick. So that was fun! Then last night we taught the Ambrosek boys and jasmine! They are all so amazing! And really progressing towards their baptismal date!(: I also now can catch spiders! We have 2 pet spiders, Dwight and Frieto! We put them in a jar and now they are best friends so that was great! I have almost gotten over my fear of spiders! (: well it was a good week. I really love seeing the light of Christ grow in the people that I am teaching as they continue to progress in the gospel! I love this area! And I'm so excited for this upcoming transfer!

Love you all!
Sister Morgan ❤️

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