Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Sorry I stink at writing weekly emails! But here is an update on how my week went!(:

Monday: so today was p-day and after I got done emailing we went to dinner at the Mendozas house. Ryan is sister Mendozas foster son, so we had dinner and a lesson with them! It was so amazing! We taught about the gospel of Jesus Christ and throughout the lesson you could just tell that he felt the spirit! He is so smart and awesome! He was like quoting D&C scriptures and for the strength of youth! And he is only 13!! Ah that boy is amazing. So in the middle of the lesson we stopped and asked him how he was feeling and he told us that he could feel a nudge on his heart that was warm and how he liked it and we were like that's the spirit!! It was awesome! We used the water/dye/bleach/vinegar example and he really liked that! I think he is really starting to understand baptism and the Holy Ghost! Then he asked if we could put more die into the mix to see what it would happen and it was so great cause it was there but it didn't spread to far and slowly but surely it was washed clean and he really liked that! Then we closed with the song, "if the savior stood beside me" the spirit was so strong it was awesome! Then after Ryan we ran over to a potentials house Amanda! Man she is so great! We met with Amanda on her driveway, she is a custodian at the federal court house. She has a foster daughter, Brianna, who went to girls camp. (We think she is a member) Amanda doesn't like churches cause all they want is money. But she really likes the Mormon church. She said "if I was ever to join any church it would be the Mormon one" We talked about the restoration of the gospel and she said that we need a prophet today cause she thinks something needs to happen (second coming) soon. We talked about the savior and what he did on this earth and how the priesthood authority was lost until Joseph smith and she understood that. She told us about how her son read the bible and didn't like it cause it was contradicting to itself but then he read the Book of Mormon and it wasn't contradicting at all. We gave her a Book of Mormon and invited her to read all of the questions of the soul. She is so nice and sweet.  She said we could come back next Friday!! She's awesome! She also wants to give us a tour of where she works and she is just the best! It was an amazing end to the day. Because I had been struggling hard core before that.

Tuesday: so today was good! We went and saw Cheryl and had a 2 hour lesson with her! We answered a lot of her questions and I think she just needed to talk. It was just an improv decision to go and while we were walking up all her dogs ran up to us and it was weird cause her door was wide open, the tv was on super Lou's but she was no where to be seen. So we put two of her dogs inside and shut her door. While we were getting the last one Cheryl came out of her sisters house, which is right next door, because she heard her door shut. She was so thankful that we came and found her dogs! Well we sat and talked about her life and the things that she knows she needs to change but doesn't know exactly how to change! We talked about prayer and how we need to ask Heavenly Father what we need to do next and for help to be able to do it. She really understood that and said that she needs to do that and to be willing to act upon her answer. She is scared cause she doesn't know what it will be or how she will be able to act on it, but she knows Heavenly Father will take care of her. Then we went and saw Dan! Dan is the man! He is so awesome. He dropped the sisters a while before I came to the area and a little while ago we stopped by to see how he was doing and every time we see him he is getting closer and closer. He is changing little things. He wants to read the whole Book of Mormon before he asks us his questions about it. Because a lot of the time our questions get answered later while reading! He pinky promised that he was going to come to church this week. He is so great! He has been missing his foster mom a lot lately so I think we are gonna go back later this week with pineapple (his favorite) to cheer him up some! Then we met with Mark, Mark is hard sometimes, he doesn't believe in anything he can't see. He really likes us coming to see him and things but we don't really know what to do about him. But everytime we go he has a cars 101 with us. He works for Ford and just fixes cars all the time. So everytime we go over he makes sure that we ask him all of our questions about cars. I learned what happened to my car my junior year of high school when the clutch went out, with the parts and all! So that was really cool! Oh then we got home. Ugh I was so mad, so our neighbors gave us flees. They have been here way longer than me and sister Leavitt and I am so tired of it. I seriously just raid sprayed our whole apartment I was so angry. I keep getting bitten and it doesn't feel very good. Tomorrow we are doing a HUGE deep cleaning of our whole apartment.

Wednesday: today was Sister Leavitts birthday!!! so today me and sister Leavitt decided that we were going to fast because today is the day that Ryan is asking his case worker if he can get baptized! So that is super exciting! We had service from 8-12 we bagged broccoli for 4 hours.. It was a blast. But it was actually really fun! Then we came home and ate and cleaned our whole apartment. Oh so our apartment has fleas. It has had fleas since before sister Leavitt was transferred here.. So today was the day that we decided that they were all dieing. So we cleaned the whole apartment, I found a spider that was bigger than a quarter,and I killed it(: it was scary. Then we went to the mission office to ask them about what we should do next and about our car because one of the tires pressures was really low. And I got a letter from sister Figueroa! Then we got our tire fixed and went to Walmart to get flea bombs. We also got ice cream cake and her favorite candy(: then we went home and put the bombs off. We couldn't be in there for 2 hours which was easy, we just went and visited some people then had dinner! We finally got to eat! I was fine but she was a little hangry the whole day haha. Then we came home to open all the windows and vents to air it out. We went and saw some other people and then her tummy didn't feel so well so we went home. Really not much happened but we got a lot of things done that we needed to. We are now A BUG free household!! I'm super happy about that(:

Thursday: so today was an eventful day! We had a lesson with a new investigator named Demi! She is GORGEOUS! And has the cutest kid. But it went really well we talked about the restoration and prophets on the earth today. It was interesting, haha she had 2 bongs on her counter so we know there will be a word of wisdom issue. That lasted about an hour and a half. Then we had weekly planning which is always long and wonderful. We had a lesson with Nino which was good, we read about the tree of life in the Book of Mormon. We used the Book of Mormon stories as well to help him understand a little bit better about what was going on. After that we went and saw Cheryl which went so good! She received a lot of answers to her questions that we had on Tuesday! It was so amazing, she was so excited! She understood the answer loud and clear So now she is looking for a job and dumping her boyfriend and pretty much taking her life back into her control! I am so excited for her! She said she will be coming to church this weekend too which is great! Every Thursday night Brother Fusco holds a class for recent converts and less actives and investigators so we went to that and we studied the talk How Can I Become the Woman of Whom I Dream? By Gordon B. Hinckley. Hahaha it was kinda funny that he chose that talk but he is the only guy in the class so it was good. It's a great talk and it definitely helped me and sister Leavitt. The spirit definitely guided him to that for us specifically.

Friday: we had specialized training like ALL day! But it was really good! We talked a lot about the Holy Ghost and Joseph smiths life and also about the Book of Mormon! I have such an appreciation for the prophet Joseph Smith, and for everything he did for this church. I know that he was a prophet of God and that he restored the church of Jesus Christ back on the earth today. He went through so much for this church it's incredible. He was an amazing man who just loved all. He is definitely on my list of people to meet after this life (: plus he translated the Book of Mormon so that I could have it. That book is the most amazing, incredible, book in the world. It holds l gospel of Jesus Christ and it really is the keystone of our religion. I just want to read it all day everyday. But I'm okay with stopping so that I can share it with the rest of the world!

Sunday: ahh Sunday was amazing! So we came to church early to plan our lesson for third hour with the elders (we were teaching all of the youth about reverence during church). Then sacrament was so incredible! We have 5 people come to church!! We had Cheryl, Dan, Ryan, Jasmine, and Autumn!! We were so excited. The spirit was so strong. The talks were on how we are childen of God and how that is our divine nature. It was incredible. Then Sunday school was on the Holy Ghost and I think it really helped Dan and Cheryl. Then for the last hour we taught the youth. The spirit was so strong. We talked about the spirit and how if we have reverence, no matter where we are, then the spirit will be with us and we can receive revelation. All of the youth said that they wanted to receive revelation during church and it was just such an awesome lesson. Then after church Dan came and talked to us and said that he will be at church next Sunday and pinky promised us! This is huge for Dan because he was coming to church and was really close to baptism about 2 months ago and then he just dropped the sisters. So we are so glad that he is continuing to progress. Even after he dropped them he has continued to read the Book of Mormon and pray! He says that he has questions but that he doesn't want to ask us them until he has finished the whole Book of Mormon! Which we are okay with! It was just a great day and the spirit was so strong the whole day(:

Love and miss you all!

Sister Morgan


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