Tuesday, September 13, 2016


This week has been good! We taught most of our investigators! Autumn is now on date for August 20th and she should make it! She knows and understands more than we thought she did. Which is so awesome, while she was at girls camp she made a lot of friends so there will be a lot of support at her baptism! Cameron and Dillon we taught twice this week cause they are only here every other weekend. We taught them about the commandments obey, pray, study. And then about the 10 commandments and follow the prophet and baptism and confirmation! 

Last night after the lesson Cameron just came and gave me the biggest hug it was so great(: They are now on date for October 1st! Which is really exciting! Their dad is trying to fix up his life and quit some things so that he can be worthy to baptize his kids so that gives them all time to be ready by that day! We didn't get to teach jasmine this week but she will most likely get baptized with her cousins on the 1st! We had a lesson with Ryan (13 year old foster son of one of our members) last night. He is so awesome, he loves the gospel so much and has a true desire to learn more and to get baptized! We taught him obey, pray, study as well and it went really good! We talked about how Nephi studied the scriptures with his family and that they likened it to their lives and how we need to do the same thing. And about how when we pray we get the countenance of Christ. It went really good! He has already been reading everyday and praying, he knows this church is true. He is going to talk to his case worker on Wednesday to get permission! So keep him in your prayers! 

We had a lesson with this little girl Reese, she is 9 and adorable! Her family are all converts but they went less active before she turned 8. So we have been working with them! We have been making some progress I think not just with her but with the parents as well. Before I came the dad didn't sit in on the lessons at all but now he come and participates in them. We got him to talk about his baptism and how he felt. The spirit was so strong when he told his little girl about how amazing it is. She wants to get baptized and is praying about a day! This past week we read the Book of Mormon together with her family. And got them to commit to have family scripture study everyday as a family. Which is awesome! I saw her Saturday while we were contacting people and was so excited to tell me that she has been reading every Night! They haven't come to church yet but we are getting there. One step at a time. We also met with Cheryl which was really good! She has come to church the past 2 weeks which is super exciting! She had only come once in like 11 weeks before that. She even signed up to feed us 3 days month (: she even wanted to sign up for the elders. She is progressing so much it's amazing! We are eating with her tonight and having a lesson so hopefully we can figure out what all she needs to do to get baptized. But I think she knows it is true, I think she is just kinda scared to admit it to her family cause they aren't the biggest fans of Mormons. Oh and we also met with Dan again this week and he came to church again as well! Which was really exciting! He has gone through a lot in his life. He dropped the sisters a little over a month ago and we figured out it was because he got scared of all the changes. But he feels peace and comfort when he meets with us and when he comes to church which Is good! The ward is really good! We have members for pretty much every lesson! It's great! We had 6 this week which is good!

Sister Morgan ๐Ÿ˜

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