Sunday, April 3, 2016

Easter Time is Amazing

Sorry everyone the past two weeks have been crazy! So busy and hard so I haven't actually written all that much! But I have time this week so my past two weeks let's see here. 

So since Saint Patrick's day a lot has happened! We had interesting food that night lol like cabbage and corn beef it was interesting.. Then I had my first actual lesson with one of our investigators Adam! We have gone to see a lot of the less active families in our ward. Then we got another investigator Evelyn who is awesome, she's a teacher and has a cute little girl and was really excited about the Book of Mormon, it was awesome! Then we met another guy who became a new investigator named mark and we showed him the new Easter video and he cried and talked about his relationship with Christ. We actually have seen him 2 times now!

So for the less actives we visit we have started going to one of the EQ meetings and that has helped so much with getting to know the ward and all the members. So we go see some less active members pretty often and then we will track around their houses. Then not this previous Sunday, but the one before that, we substituted for the primary chorister so that was really fun and interesting.. Sister Figueroa was like making movements that went along with the songs and she looked so funny it was hilarious and all the kids were looking at her weird.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ then for dinner that night we went over to a family that has us over quite a bit, the Zittings, they have 6 kids and they are all crazy but it is always fun to go over there! Anyways, it was one of the boys 10th birthday so they had a whole thanksgiving meal for his birthday so I got thanksgiving in March 😊 It was really good! 

So it was spring break this past week so no one was here. Our ward is already small and because of spring break it was REALLY small that Sunday. Then we had another lesson with Adam which went super well! He is just absorbing everything! And then going and talking to his girlfriend who is a less active, about all of it and he is really enjoying it! We got another investigator named Jose who is super nice! We met with our new bishop for the first time this past week and he is really nice and I think he will be a good bishop. But I do miss the old one he was awesome! On Monday we had the Bradt family feeding us and they told us that they were gonna make chicken crack, and we thought they meant like chickens butt crack.. So then they told us they wouldn't judge how much we ate of it cause it was so good and me and my companion just kept laughing so hard. So then when we got there and it was chicken enchiladas so the reason they call it crack is cause it's so good and you just want to keep eating them.. Which is true I ate 3.. And out ate the sons which are teenagers.. It was really funny! But they were so good... 

Then on Wednesday we went to the temple and it was so gorgeous. 😍 everything was marble and pretty and it was just so great! We did an endowment session with our zone and the Springfield zone and our mission president and his wife which was awesome! Then on the way home from Portland we got Wendy's because there is like no Wendy's in my mission, and none in my zone. Then Saturday was really fun! Our ward had this big Easter egg hunt thing and invited a bunch of nonmembers so we went and it was so fun! So they had a egg hunt for each age group that was all blocked off. So like 7 and under were just on the flat ground kinda in trees, then 8-12 were on this big hill you can barely stand on, which was funny to watch cause they all looked like vultures trying to get a piece of meat. It was crazy. Then 13-17 had to go in the blackberry bushes for there's which just sucked for them cause it's pokie. Then 18+ had to go in this one area that people were shooting them with paint ball guns!! It was crazy! I wanted to do it really bad but I was wearing a skirt and we could have gotten hurt or something so we didn't. But we watched and it was funny to hear all the little screams and then the RS president like yelled "MOTHER.." She stopped herself but yeah it was funny! Then we ate a ton of food😬

So then we had the woman's general conference that night which was also really good. It talked a lot about serving others who were less fortunate then you. Especially refugees. Then yesterday was just a really good day! We had good speakers on the atonement the RS president was one of them and she talked about how her mother In law was like a Shepard, she had a sheep farm and she was saying how stupid sheep actually are, like they are funny to watch. But how it makes no sense that a Shepard would die for there sheep like human life is worth so much more then just one sheep. And then that went to like us being the sheep and Jesus dieing for us and how great and important it was. And how much he loved us. It was really good 😊 so we had 2 investigators at church which was awesome! Then after church we watched bible videos and ate Easter candy. Which those videos are just amazing. Then we went over to the Teuchers house for dinner, they are like the grandma and grandpa for all the missionaries here! It was so good! And we ate with them and our investigator Adam and his girlfriend so that was fun! Then we had a lesson with him and we watched the restoration video and talked about it and it was really good and he saw the parallel of Joseph Smith and how much he went through for this church and Jesus Christ.It was so great! It's all starting to click for him and it's amazing! 

But yeah that's my 2 weeks! I hope everyone has had a great past two weeks! And that this week is also great! The book is blue and the church is true!! 😊 Miss and love you guys so much!!

Sister Morgan😊

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