Monday, April 18, 2016

Conference is the most wonderful time of the year

So this email won't be to long! But hello!😊 

This week has been really good! We found a new investigator and that was awesome! Not much else happened this week besides conference, which was AMAZING!! So we watched Saturday session with the Bradt family which was so fun, they are great! Then we went to the Teuschers house for priesthood, which was probably like the best session! Then on Sunday was just great! We ate like 6 meals! So we went over to the Andersons house for the morning session and we had waffles then after we had crapes at our ward mission leaders house! Then we ate again at the Teuschers, we ate soup and salad and rolls. It was so good! We had our investigator Adam come and watch it with us and he really enjoyed it so that was exciting! We have another lesson with him on Tuesday! Then we ate ice cream Sunday's with brownies after the afternoon session! Because Elder Holland told us to!😍 then we went to dinner with the Jacksons and played with their cows and set off fireworks! It was a really great weekend! Elder Hollands talk at the end was so incredible! If you haven't watched it yet, well you should! This past weekend has really helped my testimony grow really strong! I just love listening to the prophet and apostles! I am so thankful for our living apostles and prophet! I know they are true seers and revelators for today's world. I know this church is true and I am so thankful for Joseph Smith and all that he went through for this church! I love you guys and hope your week is great!

Sister Morgan 😍

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