Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Mission is a lot like the Hunger Games

Think about it, it's like the District 1 kids, they grow up training to volunteer. 

So this week has been really good yet really hard! I love you all so much. I truly can feel the influence of your prayers. I want you to know that God hears your prayers because there are miracles happening everyday down here. Its incredible because in just a week I already love it here. I love the people, I love my companion, I love the work and I love all of you. I am getting used to the cold and it rains every time we go tracting so I am not too bothered by it now. Which is good news and a blessing from the Lord. So this week one of our investigators, Caitlin, had her baptismal interview with President Russell which went really well! She isn't on date yet, she needs a few more weeks, but it's big she had a good interview! We also found a new investigator who is really awesome, he's a chef. We had a REALLY interesting dinner the other night. A family had us over at 4:30 for dinner but then dinner wasn't even ready till 6:00. Then when we sat down, the mom broke the back of her wood chair. Then while we were eating dinner the daughter left and we were waiting for her and then the dad was like "Oh, she's on the crapper". Then the son was like "We should really talk about what's appropriate to talk about at the dinner table..." And the food was interesting. It was all just interesting. Then on Sunday my wards Bishop got released which was really sad. But when he bore his testimony you could truly feel the spirit and that he was a man called of God. So yeah that was my week! This week should be good! I miss you all so much and hope your week is great!

Sister Morgan 😀

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