Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Oregon Here I Come!!

Well everyone my time here at the MTC has come to a very sad end! But this past week has been incredible! So last Tuesday night Elder Rasband, the new apostle, came and spoke at the devotional! It was a world wide MTC devotional and guess who sang in the choir?!? This girl (: I was also on the big screen soo pretty much people from all over the world saw me😁 But it was really awesome, he interacted with all of the missionaries, walking around and letting us ask him questions. It was SO GOOD! We talked about how missionaries are called. It made my testimony grow so much knowing that one of the 12 apostles looked at my face personally and received the inspiration for me to go to Eugene Oregon! I know that this is where I am supposed to go to serve the Lord! 

The District and Sister Harris (one of our teachers)

Brother Gordon (our teacher) & the District!
Classes this week were super good!(: I love my teachers! They have helped me grow so much and I have truly had my love grow for Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. I know that he is a true prophet of God and that the Book of Mormon is true. It was also my last week with my investigators! They have grown so much throughout our lessons just as I have. But yeah that was pretty much my week. We get up, work out, study, have class, eat, and study some more and then have more class! Yesterday was our last day in class (because today is P-day) and it was also our last day with the Elders in our district :/ it was a sad day! But it was also really good! We got done with class at 5:30 so we basically had 4 hours just to be as a district and hang out. We got a lot of pictures this week. Hopefully I can figure out how to put them on the computer😂 But so last night all the Elders gave us blessings before they left. We had our own devotional thing where we sang a song and had a prayer and then everyone who wanted a blessing got one. Which I think it was all of the girls and 2 of the guys, 2 of them didn't want ones... but thats okay! Elder White gave me mine and it was so spiritual and amazing. It made me cry. I cried a lot last night and this morning cause we said bye to two of our Elders after breakfast. I know I am going to cry a lot tomorrow as well saying good bye to my sisters. We are in the same mission so it wont be as bad. Last night we all just sat on one bed and talked about our lives and the mission and spiritual things and it was so great! 

I'M GOING TO OREGON GUYSSSS!!!!!!!! My flight is at like 11:00 am and its about 2 hours long. So I should get there around noon in Oregon time. It's so exciting yet nerve racking at the same time! Well, yeah, that was my week! Next time I talk to you guys I will be in Oregon! (: I just want you all to know that I know this church is true and that I am so glad that I am on my mission right now at this time. I love you all and really miss you guys!!

Sister Morgan😀

Our "cheat sheet" cards with great scriptures on them!
Our Branch President w/us
Me & Sister Karratti (One of my other teachers/ investigator!)
Sister Leavitt & Me & Sister Dobbins
All the girls in my district! Sister Simmons (my companion), sister Peterson, Sister Leavitt, Sister Dobbins, Me, and Sister Reese
Our "funny" picture

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