Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Hey Guys!!
    So this past week has been pretty crazy! first to begin with I almost missed my flight because I was running behind on packing... (usual for me). soo i forgot my list of everyone's emails. If you want to get my letters you send those to me! I had also been pretty sick before I actually went into the MTC. But once i was in the doors I felt a lot better! I went to class and met my district, and I love them so much! There are some incredible people here with me. We all know how to have a really fun time but then 10 mins later have a really spiritual experience. On the first night we had groups of like 50 people teaching different investigators and i felt the spirit so strongly! And by the end of the night I had no problems falling asleep, I was drained! My teachers are incredible and they have helped my testimony grow and confidence in role playing grow (I always feel so dumb doing it). But I am getting more comfortable with it and better... I think (: 
    So there are 3 sister companion ships and 2 elder companion ships in our district. Me and my companion Sister Simmon, then there are Sister Leavitt, Sister Dobbins, Sister Reese, and Sister Peterson. The Elders are Elder White, Holebrooke, Bouk, and Powell. We all get along pretty well. The oldest are 24 and the youngest are 18 so its a very different group of people! 
    Its CRAZY that it has only been a week here. It feels like I have been here for like 3. Being up at 6:30 and going to bed at 10:30 is a struggle but i'm getting through it! So there have been some good times and also some bad. My first two days were great! and then it sunk in that i was gone and then I got a little homesick!(; I saw a couple of my friends from Hawaii and from home in Colorado so that was great! Me and my companion are two very different people.. more like complete opposites. So its been a struggle to connect with her as much as I have connected with the others in our districts. Its been getting harder and harder each day. But I just keep praying that I will be able to love her and serve her in anyway possible! Cause that is all I can really do. 
     Sunday was INCREDIBLE!! We had church with our zone and then during relief society all I could think about was eating a box and mac and cheese and taking a nap. I really miss mac and cheese.. but then me, Sister Leavitt, Sister Dobbins, Elder White and Elder Holebrooke went to choir practice and it was so great! There are so many people in that choir! It was really nice to sing again, we are singing Nearer My God To Thee. Which is actually about a story in the Bible! I had no idea! But that was great(: Then we had a fireside and Brother Heaten (Dad that's your friend!!) talked. He talked about how we need to teach repentance and baptize converts. And how this small sentence means so much more then you think. It is a way bigger picture then just the convert and the people it affects here on Earth, but how it affects their whole families who are alive and not. Then he had converts tell their stories and it was just so great! Then my district went to Elder Badnar's talk, The Character of Christ! It was about turning against the natural man and then turn to Christ. And how we need to not focus on ourselves but on others. Especially when we are going through trials, that we need to serve others and not focus on ourselves. It was just soo good! Yesterday was rough, with so many thing adding up on each other that I just ended up praying hard for 30 mins crying and just having a break down. BUT today is going a lot better. We went to the temple and it was soo pretty!(: and I get to wear jeans!!! I never thought I would be this excited about that. So while at the temple we didn't need to wear our name tags but the whole time I just kept checking for mine then realizing oh yeah its in my locker! I was so worried that I didn't have it on. Then when I put it back on it was so much relief. I didn't realize how much I loved that little name tag on my chest. I am so thankful to be here and I know that this is where I am supposed to be at this point in my life. I love this church so much and I know that it is true.
Talk to you guys next week!!
Sister Morgan!

PS i forgot to take pictures so other people in my district are going to send me some. Then ill send them to you guys!(: LOVE YOUUU!

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  1. Oh Katie! I'm so sorry you are homesick! It will get better! And what story in the Bible is Nearer My God to Thee about?